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Hi Everyone,

We are very pleased that you guys/ladies are enjoying this new site as it grows and draws closer to 2000 active photographers. And we appreciate all the feedback we have received. Please continue to invite your friends and provide feedback on other people's photos and in forums and group discussions. Everyone likes to receive feedback on their photos and answers to their discussion questions, and it will keep people coming back to the site. We are also very grateful to those who are friendly to new members by leaving them comments and making them feel welcome. Thank you especially Ryan, Earl, and Elmer (and others) who never seem to let any new member go unwelcomed.

We have been working on new ways to promote PictureSocial to attract more members and we would be grateful if any of you would mention this site on your blogs, websites, or social network profiles. We love that many of you have already linked to PictureSocial and placed our badges on your sites.

Just a quick question: Do you think we need more Forum Categories? So far we have:

We would like to add more that are still relevant to the site, and we are looking for ideas. Please let us know if you have any in mind that people might enjoy and participate in.

Also, if you would like to see more groups on this site please create them. Earl just created the Canon User Group a month or so ago and it is already in the top 5 most popular and will continue to grow as the site grows. We are hoping that school or community photography clubs will eventually start to implement groups on this site to keep track of each other. The possibilities are endless...

Thanks again to everyone.

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I think you guys should add a PHOTOGRAPHY EXPERIENCES or PHOTOGRAPHY STORIES category.
I think you should add an INDUSTRY NEWS category.


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