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Hi all~ Recently I have had growing interest in getting a Ricoh GX100 to replace my Panasonic LS70 to serve as an compact DC which can be carried around with ease.

The features appealing to me most are its 24mm wide angle, full manual control, as well as 1cm macro capability.
But the things I am not sure about is its noise control. I have looked at some samples and the noise is terrible when ISO is above 200. Some even show heavy noise at ISO 100 at 100% crop.

Anyone have or have not experience in using this camera please give me some advice? Will this camera be a good deal? Now at my place it cost as much as $480 to get a kit with EVF and 430 for body only.

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I have heard good comments about that camera from many websites. Everything about the camera seems to be great except the noise control over ISO 80 - ISO 400 and up pretty much unusable for anything beyond a small print. If you are planning to use high ISO I would keep looking for another camera.


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