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Well, I guess its a website I want to design, to show off!!!
Any suggestions, again 'the dummy type' for a highly intelligent (sic) woman whose brain is losing fast its ability to hold info and memory.
Starting to enjoy the photography now but tis slow.

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I'd live a proper Gallery site, a friend who has just graduated with an hon degree in photography says I should have a site as I am good enough etc. Well they all say that dont they!

Anyway I would like a Gallery site, yes.
Ann, I'm actually in the process of designing my personal photography website and i'm doing it through, the same template as

is this like what you are looking for?
something to share in here....
Basically, there's a lot of web photo gallery site:
You can visit the ff:

there's a lot more... Juz try to surf the net...

But if you really like to make your own domain...
Try to visit my site:

Simple as it can be... I used the default Picture Social Slide show (powered by ning) and put the embedded codes in html editor and publish... You can customize your own...
Hi there,
I also want ot have one. Actually, mine must be for business. Have to have pages for each clients with password.
I found ifp3. But the site has ifp3 credit on the pages. I don't know if I can remove them or if I hack
with DW. Does anyone know other services? Or does anyone know any books or any site to teaching how to create full flash website? I appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance.
Jim from japan
hi... I would to keep this disussion going...
I would like to ask or your opinion and comment on one of my recent website stuff galore..
Just click below:
As already said, there are a lot of photo gallery sites available. One that I use (and it offers free hosting) is

Mike :)


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