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I have Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 4. I use it for most of the editing and love it. But is it a good one or i will have to get a latest version. i.e, whether CS4 will be ok or not?

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As the saying goes...  If it is not broken, don't fix it.

If CS4 is doing what you need it to do, why change?  At some later time you may have to upgrade, to get compatibility with a new camera for instance.

There's nothing wrong with it, I'm still using CS5 and before I upgraded to that I was using CS2 for about 4-5 years. I might upgrade to CS6 with the Master collection or I'll just wait until CS7 is released. Also along with PS I'm still using Lightroom 3, not 4. It works for my workflow and I'm quite happy with it.

I have never used Lightroom. Which type of advantages and features are availabe in it?

@ is it better than Adobe Photoshop CS's?

Lightroom is a Raw editor and image organizer, it can't replace, it just complements Photoshop.

Lightroom is as Gary put it, it is a image organizer. It's mainly used for speeding up process time if you have a lot to edit. When I edit shoots I first open them in Lightroom and make my adjustments then I'll open it in PS for more in depth editing.

CS4 is great, I have dome most of my work with vs3, I have plugins of nick and topaz, asnd I can do everything

I upgrade with every new version of PS, I enjoy the fixes and the addition of new tools or whatever. But yes, if it's not broke ... no need to fix it. However, one of the things I have learned about upgrades is that they usually speed up the processing/editing over the previous edition. Okay, now that I shot my mouth off, I recently purchased CS6 PS, and it doesn't work all that well which is a dissaster for me, since I'm a junkie for new stuff, both soft and hard - computer related of course.

Many blessings

i only ps cs3...and i love it..

as stated by everyone else you will be fine using cs4. And as stated earlier also lightroom is for speeding up processing. Lightroom is great for processing images in batches. If you take a batch of pictures at a wedding reception for instance than you can edit one photo and apply that edit to that batch of photos at one time. But no I would not upgrade at this time.

Upgrade to CS6 ASAP. There are many new features from CS5 and those added into CS6 that will make the upgrade worthwhile. What I discovered with my CS6 was that they (Adobe) tried to make it a 32 bit program when it's a 64 bit program - how this happened I'm not clear on, but "Stuff" happens. Two benefits that you'll see immediately is the "added menus in ACR" and "Content Aware." This might sound a bit strange but "Content Aware" has become my new best friend, yes we're having a very deep and meaningful relationship, on a platonic level of course. LOL.
Many blessings

Thanks Robert .... Currently i have upgraded to CS5 and it is really better than CS4. I could have upgraded it even further but the problem is that my PC doesn't support CS6 because of its high requirement. So i am currently working on CS5 and i like working on it. And Content Aware as you are saying, i also use it most of the times.

And thanks again for your advice... :-)


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