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Amateur Freelance Photographer - What should price listings be?

I've been an amateur freelance photographer for a good three years now, taking up small jobs to get myself known & see if I really like being a photographer for hire. I even got a job at a portrait studio for a while to help me make the decision to become a professional photographer. After collecting this bit of experience, I decided that I would like nothing more than to go professional with my work. I know what equipment I need & how to manage my business but I'm a little stumped on what my going rates should be. I don't want to charge too much just yet because I'm not that well known, but I don't want to rip myself off either because the cost of materials to run a photography business can get a little pricey. Which is how we get to my question:

If you're a professional photographer, what do you charge for your work & what do you think a up an coming professional should charge for theirs?

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As you live in the USA have a look at the pages here:


Also telephone or visit the websites of your local competition and write down their prices and make your own mind up on what to charge

Thank you for the link! It really looks like it could help me out a lot. I'll take a glance around some of my local competition as well. Thanks for the input.

Please do not take this question wrong?  What is your value? That should determine a major amount of your prices.  Remember that it is easier to come down than to go up. I find way too many photogs charge way too low and then struggle to get their prices higher. 

Also, what is your niche market?  That helps to determine what you charge.  If you are a Craig's list photog then your prices will be normally very low. If you are creative and very good and you want to get into the higher priced clients, then charge the amount you should, and don't discount.  But do the proper marketing, etc.   Hope that helps.


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