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Bikini shoot at my home - can you make it out as its not a beach

 Friends i have shot this lovely model at my place and we have try our best to give the beach feel with the lights and the leaves so can you all identify that its not at beach or say any outdoor place near beach 

 Check out the full series at 

 I am attaching a pic here so have a look on that 


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 I really would appreciate your views friends 

pretty women

i think it all depends on concept of what really interesting you and collaborate with model

 thanks for the view 

that door edge on the right side tells me it not at the beach. If that wasnt there it would look like its outside.

 Thanks TrueFlava Media for your view 

 Well ya that is the wall of my terrace i think you are right it is pretty visible i will remove that for sure 

Nice pictures, but ...

Anyone who makes the effort to haul everything out to a location is going to be sure to show it, at least in the background.  No location background says to me they're studio shots.

 Thanks for the comment 

 and i really appreciate your view that is very true what you said but as it was not beach i had to show like this 

 thanks all for your critiques any more critiques are welcome 

Feels like it's outdoors and I do like the palm frond, but seems like it's in front of a white wall to me rather than a beach.

I like this shot. Not sure a blown out back round is what you were looking for...maybe reshoot and put something blue in the back round to make it a bit more realistic.

 that sounds good will try something like putting blue or other color to give it blown blur background thanks 

Hi Varun,

Not sure the BG is as good as it could be, the lighting on the model is near enough perfect, but the BG is a little ott.

Try a little merging of a real beach scene and overlaying the model.   example shot here shows what colours could add.

By no means are they perfect, but time spent could produce some stunning shots.  

bg's can be found free to use for non profit purposes.

This one credit to





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