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I've ordered a Nikon D7000 body over at Ebay Store "800photovideo" for $1,157 body only brand new. It says brand new. I have a reservation though whether this is really new because it is really cheap. A refurbished body on the nikon store rightnow costs $1,099 but I don't wanna get a refurb body. Has anyone experienced buying from this ebay store? The store is listed as one of the best sellers. If you have any experience with this seller good or bad, please share it with me. Thanks.


And by the way, I am buying a refurb 50mm f1.8 over at nikon store. It's going to be my one and only lens. LOL. Also thinking about buying one of those kits on ebay that has filters, macro, 2 flash, teleconverter, etc. for less than a hundred bucks. I wonder if using those flash won't be a bad idea.

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Henry's page says a D7000 was originally $1,280 and is now CDN$1,149.99.  Seems like the Nikon referb is not much of a savings.  On the other hand, if the factory brought it back into like new condition and are offering the original warranty, it is still a good deal.  Remember too, if the box was opened and then the store sent it back to Nikon, they will check everything, reseal the box and it is still a referb, even though nothing was wrong with it.


I hope you used (or will use) a credit card rather than a debit card or paypal. At least with a credit card you can go to them for fraud if you dont get your purchase or the camera isnt what you expect. Other than that, did you read the sellers refund/return policy before you hit the buy it button? Did you look at his selling history?

Just an opinion, but is the possible savings with an unknown company worth it if there is any sort of problem? I suggest either dealing with a mortar and brick camera store or a recognized on line store like BH or Adorama. They will at least stand behind their sale.

If you decide to go ahead, I would suggest using a brand new memory card formatted in the camera, from the onset not one previously used in another camera. That way your picture count will be accurate

You should ask the question first then buy the camera but sens you bought the camera aint much to say.


As for the lens buy it, and the kit- dont buy it, the flash will probably be just a regular flash with full out put and the filter/ tele-converters are of cheap quality, for that price its what you pay is what you get.  


Deal Ending Soon!

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