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Hi, i have recently dropped my nikon d90 on the rocks whilst getting some night shots of the ocean which broke my internal flash, about a week later my sb700 got submergerd in saltwater. Im just wondering if there are any cheapo flashes that are worth buying because a cheap flash is better than no flash and i seem too be breaking all my good camera gear.

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James, I guess it depends on your definition of cheap, and the type of features you expect from a cheap flash. I have recently started reading about the use of speedlights off camera, and find that you can get a lot for your money if you want to learn how to use these types of flashes in a manual mode.

Look for Yongnuo, Bower, Neewer at Amazon or Ebay. I recently purchased a Yongnuo 560.. and now I have 2 more on order. 

Sorry about your broken equipment! But I came here today looking for this exact info! I have a Nikon D5000 with a kit telephoto lens. I would like to purchase a flash a macro lens in the near future. Can anyone recommend a good compatible flash and macro lens that won't break the bank? I saw Vivitar makes compatable flashes and lenses as well. Anyone have any experience with them. They've been around a long time

Thanks for any info you can give me!


I just recently order'ed 

YN-560II Flash Speedlight For canon 450D 50D 60D Nikon D40 D60 D90 1100D D3100

if it gets here soon ill let you no how it goes. It was only $75 and has many features and was about $300 cheaper than the nikon

I also reccoment getting macro tubes i have had fun and got some geat shots with mine and they are around the $80 mark

I have not used a Vivitar flash but unless the quality has come up substantially in the last few years, I would not recommend them for anything more than snapshots.

Hey James do you still have the SB700 that went for a surf? If so I would like to buy it from you. Mine has a fractured housing and I could use the parts from yours to fix it.

yeh still got it mate but im in australia

I really liked my Promaster flash. A little more expensive than some of those e-bay brands  but also about $100 cheaper than the Nikons. I have a Promaster 5750DX that uses interchangeable modules to mate up with your camera or use as a slave. It is no longer made but the replacement 7500 series seems to be just as good of a flash.


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