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Hello friends:

I am in a trip and want to see (not transfer) my pictures in a public computer Windows version.

I could not find a way to see pictures from my Canon Rebel XT in a hotel computer.

At home I have Canon software installed but not in the hotel.

Is it possible or not ?





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If you're using an SD card then it should be possible to look at your pictures. I'm a Nikon guy so it may be different but in general SD cards work the same everywhere.



Yes you can see your photographs but you will need a card reader to place your SD card into. Then you probably will have to ask the Hotel for permission to allow your card reader to be plugged into their system. Once you are allowed, sit down and watch you days shooting

Thanks guys, but my Canon use a Compact Flash and I am connecting the USB cable from camera directly to a computer.

I saw other people connecting their video camera into the same computer and it worked.

Any other idea? 

SD Card, Compact Flash, makes no difference, a card reader will read them.

To get your camera to be read by the computer, you just connect the USB lead and windows will automatcally install the software but knowing Hotels that will be switched off because of the risk of a virus. Talk to the Hotel, most will allow a card reader but not the camera.

The hotel computers does not allow for the USB drivers for the device (camera) to load. It is being block by their security program. That is the reason why you can see them. Since most hotels have flat screen TV now try it there. But sometimes you need to reversed the colors on the cables especially if the cables did not come from Canon.  



Also, the computer does not have a RAW viewer for your camera.
I use both Canon and Nikon and shoot Raw and I have never had a problem using Hotel Computers as the codecs for reading Raw files are installed on the computers, maybe one day I will find one.


I am using my camera set to JPEG.


I agree with everyone else, unless the hotel has blocked the USB drivers for security, you should be able to view them on the WIndows picture viewer.

I always carry the AV cable with me, Canon 40D. As Glenn P. said yesterday most hotels have flat screens that have an AV input and since you shoot JPEG that would be the easiest way.

You need to go into Windows Explorer and find your camera listed as a drive. Then open the folder that holds the photos.
I think your photos need to be in jpeg format to be read by any computer without Canon program. It works for my Pentax.


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