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Hi all,

My main aim is brilliant, sharp photo quality. I dont care about video or fps. I just want the sharpest, clearest quality pictures to print A0 and larger. Which camera is the best - the EOS 5D III with its 22.3 MP or the 1D-X which has less MP but the Dual Imahe Processor? Any advice?


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Dual image processors are all about speed, the software that delivers quality will just run faster if there are dual processors.  To get the best out of either quality, you will need a high quality lens.

The 1D X is a bigger heavier, faster body.  The 5D Mk III is slower but makes slightly larger files.

5D Mk III:  5760 X 3840

1D X      : 5184 X 3456

There is not really enough difference in file size to be a factor, less than 600 pixels of width and less than 400 pixels of height.  I doubt there will be much difference in the image quality, either.  The major considerations are speed, dual memory cards and cost.

As always my recommendation is to try it out in the store using your own cards, then look at the results on your computer before making up your mind.

As always...

Spot on.

Buy premium glass.  Better a great lens on a mediocre body then the other way around.

Depends what you want to shoot and if fps is important, if you shoot for print what photography field are you in?

A0 is large so instead of interpolating up from a 22MP file you should go for highest resolution sensor - ideally medium format.

I heard the latest Canon 50 MP has some teething problems, Nikon will be bringing out a 50MP+ after Christmas meanwhile there is the Nikon D810 (without the optical filter) which has a 36 MP sensor and the highest dynamic range of any camera on the market..


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