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Hi all, im after some advice A.S.A.P


I've landed my first piece of big commercial work! (and I'm panicking lol)

its photos for their website, i know website photos are massively scaled down but they still have to look good right?


so what the product is at the moment is wedding dresses, lots and lots of them, and i have a team of 7 models going to be modelling them for me at a converted barn so should be nice! im hoping to have fun instead of panick lol


my concer is my lenses, there is a nice outside part to the barn id like to get some shots, however im wondering if i need a 70-200mm Nikkor?


my sensor is only DX

i have a 17-50mm lens which im hoping will be ok for this type of work, and also a 50mm prime 1.4 and a 105 fixed focal length macro


do i need another lens? and do i need to 70-200?


ill be using as much natural lighting as possible and i have an elichrome set and SB900's for a light boots if needed.

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If you have plenty of space to move around then use the 70-200mm, use the 17-50 if you need a wider look or if you dont have enough space and maybe 105 if you need macro shots of the dress to show detail. There is nothing wrong with using natural light but adding a flash or fill light will make the image that much better.
You might want to shoot a grey card.  Usually with clothing it is important that the colour in the photo matches the colour of the garment.

ok thanks guys, im off out to buy the 70-200 in an hour or so (think ill take out a mortgage to get it at £1600!! eek!!)


ive been reading so many forums and some people are saying buy sigma... i like sigma but on the 70-200, its kind of a special lens, and alot of people are saying the sigma, at least for nikon anyway, just isnt as sharp as nikons own, and i just know that if that is the case even slightly, ill be kicking myself for spending £1000 for the Sigma instead of the £1600 for the Nikon.... if youre gonna do it, do it properly right?


i hate spending money so much


i know alot of forums mention the 14-24 and 24-70 but i do have the 17-50 and that should be plenty wide enough for this, i think il get the 14-24 and 24-70 when i upgrade to the D700 or D3 soonish to really get the benefits of those lenses.


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