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This month the contest theme is Cold Weather PhotographyMany photographers run for cover when the outside air temperature dips five or ten degrees below the freezing point, fearing their equipment may malfunction, or worse, their fingers and toes will fall victim to Jack Frost’s wiles. Although these concerns may hold some truth, the reality is that with adequate and thoughtful preparation, the snow-shy photographer has a whole other side of nature to discover during winter – and a beautiful one at that. Here is an article on winter photography if it helps.


Also, PictureCorrect recently released a list of the Top 10 Most Popular Photography eBooks. Each of which is useful for further training.


Enter a photo by joining the group and attaching the photo to your response in this discussion, not a new discussion.

Contest Rules:
1. Entry photos must be somehow related to Cold Weather Photography.
2. If you enter a photo - it must be your own work.
3. Post-processing or photo editing is allowed, but keep in mind if you go overboard on it, people probably won't vote for your photo.
4. 1 photo per person per month.
5. Members can give their opinions about entries, and then the entries will be narrowed down to three in the last few days of the month for final voting in a new discussion.

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Thank you all VERY MUCH for the compliments! It means a LOT coming from folks that put out some really fantastic pics!! 

"House on sale"

Charlevoix, Quebec

Fish in the icy river

Potrait in snow


nice image


Peter L

My cat Ollie last winter.


We rarely have snow where we live, but for the past two years we have had plenty--this Image was taken last winter in January.

I always put a small borer around my Images--My trademark--Barb from NC

this is the great time to capture photos like a painting,soft and smooth light gives great imapact,foggy weather and morning rising light working likea yellow paint and hide and sick effect.this shot i captured in last month in my home town sarni(m.p.)



This was taken of frost formation on a window in my bathroom.  I turned it sideways to get the image of the window clasp which in this position resembles a person shrouded in black.  I called it "Jack Frost Black". 

The Missouri State Bird takes off in the snow.

this picture is awesome


Deal Ending Soon!

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