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Hello People!

Can anyone recommend a solid inkjet photo printer that isn't too expensive?

I took a shot at printing some images to my HP Office-jet Pro L7580, with mixed results. It handles color, light and mid-range tones pretty well, but blacks come out lacking depth. Another way to put that would be, blacks aren't very black; there's usually a tone away from black that kills the illusion of depth....

Are there any workarounds for this issue?

Any suggestions / recommendations will be very much appreciated.



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I print photos at Blacks where I can upload photos and by the time I get to the store at the local mall, the photos are ready.  Sometimes I want to print without going and getting it.  Or, I want a specific, usually larger print.  So, I also print at home on an Epson which has a 13 inch platen, it is not small and was not as inexpensive as the stuff at Staples.  I print documents on HP printers. I still have a G55 and L7600.  I could not get the control I wanted when using the HP office printers for photos.

I used a Colormunki to profile my monitor and the printer.

I would recommend what others have told you on here. I have placed another discussion on printers below

have a little read and do some more searches, this subject comes up a lot.

I now do not print indoors, I use a company that I send the file to and it is printed to whatever size I need and posted anywhere in the world but mine printer is in the UK.

Other things to consider

Calibrate your monitor

Calibrate your printer

and if you must purchase a printer go down the route of Epsom or Canon they always come out top in home use desktop printing.

Let us know what route you take

Hi Charles,

i think the clue is in the description of the printer you are using ie: "office - jet"?

It would be difficult to get anywhere near a true photographic rendering in print on this machine or anything like it as they basically use only 4 color cartriges..

We are currently leasing one of the Epson 7890 series which has 3 densities of black ink and imho gives better quality than Lab sourced prints because we use a calibrated work flow and proof with profiles through Photoshop..

A good low cost A3+ printer to start off with may be the 'Photo R1900' with comes with 8 individual ink cartridges including gloss optimisers..

As Fred has already mentioned, a calibrated monitor is essential, we did away with third party calibrators a few weeks ago by investing in the Eizo ColorEdge CG275W  which takes away any headaches by calibrating itself with internal hardware as opposed to using the system graphic card.

I guess what is "cost effective" depends on the quality and resolution of the output you desire..

Thanks all, for the suggestions.

Looks like you get what you pay for, in terms of buying a printer.

But I'll be checking out the on-line options for sure.

Thanks again y'all


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