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I am thinking of printing this on canvass for myself and possibly trying to sell a few copies at my local camera shop. This photo has only been cropped, sharpened, and de-noised using PSE. Any other advice, critiques, ect would be greatly appreciated. Also, since this is the first picture I will ever have printed, I would appreciate any advice on how to make sure the image is transferred accurately. I have heard horror stories of photographers getting crappy prints of an otherwise awesome picture. 

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I used to shoot slides and now, most of what I shoot is viewed on a computer monitor.  My experience has been that prints look darker.  Most of the commercial prints I have done are just little 4R size prints, or photo books.  I shopped around to a number of the local outlets and settled on Blacks to do my prints as they offered consistent quality with minimal fuss.  In Hong Kong, I found I could rely on a local Kodak Express as well.  When I print my own photos, I make them much brighter before sending them to an Epson printer.  The light the photo is viewed in has a huge effect on the way a print looks too.


I like your photo.  Perhaps you can find a printer you can work with to get the desired result.  Does your local camera shop do printing?

This whole photograph just feels too dark to me.  I realize that it was done just at dusk, however it just seems too dark.  I would lighten it up.  Most any lab will do good work if you give them a good file.

Be careful in your attempt to have visual impact that you don't make the photograph go "dead" because it's too dark.

I like the crop off the top and bottom so far, but I think it might be worth a try cropping some off of each side. The right side is really dark like the part that you took off the top, so maybe trimming that a little bit and some off the left edge would give the photo a little more closed-in feel and bring out the city lights and the (totally awesome and  incredibly well-captured) bolt of lightning a little more. I really like this photo because of the depth in the clouds, and their different colors and how it blends in with the fading sun, awesome job!

Another amazing shot! How did you manage to get the lightning? Did you have one of those fancy contraptions that sets off the shutter when lightning flashes?

Iam new to this site, this was such a awsom picture, I crop a little from the top and added a little fill light in lightroom

Huh, I didn't realize long exposure would work that well for lightning, but now I might have to give it a serious try... Too bad its winter! Thanks for sharing these shots with us though :)

Chris, you might like this:, the notes say a 15 sec exposure was used and the top one was made from 2 exposures, the bottom has individual strikes.

Cool!  Congratulations!

I really like the idea that you have done very little to the pic!

I like the shot alot and I think you should print and try to sell it!


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