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I have to do a demonstrative speech for public speaking on June 16th. I want to do it on something photography. Any suggestions?

Some various ideas I have so far is stuff like:

-How to do a color splash picture

-How to set up a camera for a session

(2nd is lame, I know this)

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Depends on what equipment you have available, how large the group is, and if they care about photography or not.  Unless of course your job it to bore them.

If you have a projector attached to a computer (or a small enough group they can just huddle around a monitor) you could do all sorts of things.

Depth of field,

Painting with light,

Flash vs. no flash portraits, or fill flash, or reflectors,

Long vs. short lenses.

How to do macro photography,


There are lots of possible topics.

the rule of thirds perhaps?

@CameraClicker- not really interested in photography. but it has to be a 15 minute speech (YIKES!) thanks for the ideas so far

@Christopher good idea but not sure if I can make that into a 15 minute discussion

Any other suggestions?

Hey Jessica,


Most everyone has a digital camera and they go to weddings or take pictures of their friends, so maybe just a simple introductory, not too technical speech about composition? Or another way to say it is INTENT. A picture should tell a story.  


I think that one of the things that is so interesting to me is what makes an interesting picture, and there are a few things that you can teach about that can possibly revolutionize even one person's creativity or spark an interest in photography.  I remember one of the most powerful illustrations was in a basic class I went to where they showed a picture of a capitol building with a girl on the steps. It didn't really tell a story and you couldn't really tell what it was about but then when you zoomed in and saw that the girl was looking at the person taking the picture, it became an interesting picture. That's something that could be shown on the projector or power point, too. Just an idea ....


I hope you find just the right topic that you are passionate about and that is easily grasped by your audience. If you're passionate, chances are they will be very interested, right?  Good luck!





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