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I was just wondering if EVERYONE edits their photos?  I look at great photos that everyone has taken, and the first thing that comes into my head is "how much has this photo been changed/enhanced/modified, or is this just a great shot?"  Not that editing is a bad thing... just wondering...

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Sure I do. Think of it this way. When I was in college  I edited my photos in a dark room.  Darkening ,lighting up different elements,even taking out something.  Photoshop or other photo editing apps. are nothing more than a dark room on your computer. Sure it is easier to edit but in my eyes it is the same.  Do some go to far? Sure.  If you shoot Raw files it is encouraging you to edit the photo.

I edit all my photos to some degree. If it's something that I am selling to a client, I take extra time and effort, without overly modifying or heavily changing things. If it's just a shot I am going to post on facebook or my camera club site, it will just be a sharpening, exposure lighten\darken, and crop. I do not like 'over cooked' pictures...I use Lightroom5 and have Photoshop but rarely use it...

all of my photos get basic adjustments white balance, color correction, cropping, fixing the horizon, etc the extent depends on the photo I always try to do as little as possible


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