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Does anybody have experience in photography with a green screen? I just don't have space for zillions of backdrops and heard that there are programmes with which you can change your background effortlessly. Which is the best programme to use, what other equipment does one need and is it worth the trouble at all to try my hand at this? Don't want the photos to look unnatural and edited.

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I have used green screen a couple of times.. I am not a big fan. You can get decent results, but I just find it better to use a limited number of backdrops and use gels on my lights to alter the color.

To me, greenscreen almost always looks photoshopped (though, I am sure there are few people out there that can do an amazing job.. )

Hey Cindy,

I use the Greeen Screen and have reasonable results with it. The only real problem I have is with those fine little hairs turning green. Let me know if you want more dialog on this as I have several months of experience with this. I also have a bit over 2600 digital backgrounds.


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