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Have anyone joined google plus? Please share your opinions and experience. The general opinion is that google plus is a ghost town and has failed to make a niche for it self as a social site as compared to facebook/twitter.

But a recent view posted on mentions it a rapidly growing society of photographers , which has overtaken flicker as a site for photographers all over the world.

How many of you have joined it and what are your experience so far?

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Paul, Can you guide, how to contact those groups or societies on google plus. I am not as familiar to the site as I am with facebook or flicker

Paul, I am on .

The account was created sometimes back but still without any activity. Just now I am thing to reach out other people especially after report on it being a rapidly developing photographers community.

I guess it was a ghost town in the past but now its growing slowly. I think facebook is almost done, it cannot expand anymore and its feature doesn't' satisfy its user completely, there are many fake applications and viruses on it, it does not respect to the privacy of its user, in somehow it steals the profiles of its users.

So I am looking for a good social network that I can share my photos and other interesting subjects with my friends. I am trying G+ 

it is good because it is linked with my email address also, so just one log-in process if enough.

Here is my ID : hesam.qaydi

Hope to see you there :)

Google+ hasn't been a ghost town for a long time.

It's a photographer's heaven. Frankly, there's even too much photography on Google+, so one has to be picky.

I agree with your opinion Malte. It has really becoming a hub of photography 

I dont use much of Google+. but its expanding rapidly as a social website. You can join me on Google+ on the following id-

gaurav, I have added you to my circles, I hope it was really you

I simply do not have enough time in my life to join and maintain a page on every social media site that comes along. If I want to interact with photographers, I come to picturesocial. The rest of my life is on Facebook. 

I agree,We all have so many personal and professional ccommitments. I have never been to facebook. Was just wondering why not to open up. The article at gave me a hint to think about google plus as a future  photography social site

Yeah, I saw that DPReview article too. I just don't see it as a value to me at this point.. 

I have a couple of friends who are almost constantly sending me invitations to join all of these different sites... and I often hear them complaining that they just can't find enough time to process images and post them. 

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tmblr, Linked-In, Pinterest, PictureSocial, and the list goes on, and on. And many of them allow you to just link back and cross share. (Like picturesocial allows me to post stuff here and on Facebook.) 

The way I see it, Facebook is where you meet up with people you already know. Google+ is where you meet up with people who share your interests. There's a huge difference. People often complain that none or only a few of their (Facebook) friends are also on Google+. So what? That's not what Google+ is about, it's about meeting NEW friends, not same old same old as Facebook.

I joined but soon left. I'm not a very social animal, and this site doesn't seem TOO social, in spite of the name.


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