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Hello to all.


My name is Tina, I am from Southern New Jersey, USA.  I joined this site because I am new to photography and have a deep passion to learn & hopefully in time, become a professional and have my own business.  Until recently, I was using a Sony Cyber shot DSC-H1.  I never made it out of auto mode.  For Christmas my husband bought me a Nikon d3100.  I absolutely love the camera but am clueless to all of it's functions.  I too, am clueless as to how to work with aperture & iso.   If anyone is willing to offer advice, I would love it.  I recently purchased the "Nikon d3100 for dummies" book and hope to learn & understand a lot from the book.  I am also looking in my area for photography classes.  Please feel free to offer any advice you may have.  


Thank you to all in advance.


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TINA! Welcome to the site! I am pretty new here, too, only about two weeks! 


OMG! I currently am using the Sony DSC-HX1 and I took the free classes that the store offered. SUCH A DIFFERENCE! Go to They are so amazing! You can buy 6 classes for about $90!  I bought my camera on 11/2/10 and have taken 1430 pictures! I can count on one hand the ones that I took in auto. :-) You can see some of the pictures that I've posted, they were all taken with the Sony. Congrats on your new Nikon D3100 ... my friend just got that one and she's also on this site!  I am super excited because I'll be purchasing a Canon EOS Rebel T3i anyday now and then I'll be able to take "real" photographs. Just kidding ..... I've learned that cameras don't take pictures, people take pictures and you can get great amazing shots with point & shoots. Anyways, welcome and I look forward to seeing your work!


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