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I'm a new member and really impressed with not only the quality of the photographs on the site but also by the friendliness of its members. My profile pretty much says who I am and where I come from so I won't repeat it. I love trying out new techniques and experimenting with new approaches as you can see from the photographs I've uploaded. I find of all the areas I've tried working with smoke in the studio is really the most rewarding. It gives me the opportunity to turn something so evasive as smoke into an actual image shaped in different ways. In any event, I'm very happy to be among such talented photographers.

B'Shalom (may peace be with you)

Jason Levi

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Hi Jason and welcome i am new to and i agree there are so many talented people here, still learning how to get around the site

You are correct to say the members on this site are  very friendly. They are very respectful and understand  the passion of photography for the joy of it even to  someone as myself  just starting out with my cell phone and  with only upgrade as a Finepix XP50. The Art Of Photography Group is the only one I'm in and has many talanted artists as members with many  enthralling discussions. I suggest going to the archives for some of the more interesting discussions,although I can't wait to sink myself into  the artist's mentioned by Aamir in his "Ramblings" in the newest discussion. Enjoy.

Jason, I have already welcomed you by offering my friendship. (It was my pleasure and honor that you accepted it)

These few lines are written after reading Anita's appreciation of my contributions to the site. I am obliged and humbled.

 I agree with her that the site has many talented and mature artists, from which one can learn a lot. (When I joined it, I developed a bit of inferiority complex and apprehension by looking at their credentials) 

On first instance, the site may not appear too friendly, as people usually don't comment to much on each others pictures (I feel it is to do with allowance of  uploading up to 200 pictures)

How ever people here are mainly active and interact in different vibrant groups.

I have never seen any members being rude to each others. They are all respectful and try to help each others.

Before that I was on other site, more friendly in the sense of comments and interactions on pictures but I had to leave when I saw, frequent brawls and abuses among members, trying to insult each others. 

Many talented members left the site.

I hope you would enjoy the site and we would learn from your knowledge and experience

Hello Jason , welcome to picture social, this is a fun place .

Welcome Jason!  Good to have you join us!


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