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I've just started the site. I've been doing photography since I was a kid, but I started proper photography about three years ago. I've been taking pictures of anything/everything, but I mostly do my friend's Senior Pictures. However, I'm photographing my first wedding at the end of August and I'm so excited/nervous! I can't wait! I've been researching some wedding photographs to get ideas, but I'd like to see if anyone had some tips or suggestions?

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Hi Blair,
When it comes to wedding photography - there are lots & lots of tips. 1st - have lots of backups. Backup camera, backup flashes, CF cards, etc.. I usually have 2 cameras set up with 2 different lenses (wide/normal lens) for capturing the scene and a zoom for getting up close. Depending on the situation, I take my Alien Bees or my speedlights with umbrellas for group portraits and a good low light lens (like a 50mm f/1.4) for low light shooting. The Portraits of the Bride/Groom and the family portraits are the biggest sellers but the journalistic style of shooting everyone during the wedding day tell the story. I try to get both as best as I can. I have lots of links with lists and other do/donts for wedding photography if you need them. I am sure there are many more experienced wedding shooters here as I do maybe 1 or 2 weddings a year (by choice) but I have taken classes and shot enough of them & know the ins & outs of what to expect. Try to visit the venue beforehand to get an idea of what lighting challenges you will be faced with.
Welcome to Picture Social Blair,
Thank you! I already have two camera's set up and ready to use and have gone over what shots the bride and groom want, and shots that I think are also important on the big day. I'm very familiar with the venue, since I used to attend the church it was at, but the couple and I are going to the venue together to decide where we want the group shots taken.
I don't have any umbrellas (since I'm still just starting, I haven't gotten into the heavy-duty equipment) and so I'm also nervous about lighting, but I'm hoping everything will be okay, since the church is always well-lit.

Thank you very much!
Hi, I'm Sage, welcome to the group =)
Hi Sage! Thanks!
Hafa Adai and welcome, Blair. I've not had the pleasure of shooting a wedding yet but if I had to give one piece of advice it would be...

Bring a 2nd shooter :)
Hi there, and thanks!
I actually have a 2nd shooter planned. She's just going to be candids and things like that, since she's not that great (yet!) but she's going to be there and help me out. :)


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