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Hi all, i havent had my camera long, i inherited it from my dad, it is a great camera the only problem is i cant seem to change the shutter speed. I know about the "S" mode and how to change it on to that but according a photographer who tried to help he says that for some reason it will only let me either under or over expose the picture. Does anyone know how to correct this im very confused.


Thank you :)

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Hi Hayley,

You should be able to able to change the shutter speed either in S mode or in Manual mode (generally M) on the D2x. I don't own a D2X but have a D300 - on my D300 if I am in shutter speed priority mode (S mode) I can choose the shutter speed I require by turning the command dial and the camera will choose the appropriate aperture automatically.

In manual mode (which I tend to most of the time) I can choose both the shutter speed and aperture using my front and rear command dials.

Im not sure what you mean when you say about the under or over exposure though? Generally if you are in S mode and choose you shutter speed the camera will set the aperture based on what you are photographing - what about if you set your camera to Aperture priority mode (A mode) and just check that you can change the F number ok - if that works just check the camera is setting the shutter speed for you (which it should do automatically). If you then amend your aperture value using the command dial the camera should either increase or decrease the shutter speed depending on if you increased or decreased you F number (aperture). Your camera may under or over expose slightly - depends what you are photographing and what meter you are using (generally three types of Nikon - Averaged / Centre Weighted / Spot Metering). Do you know what meter your camera is set too?

If you can let me know about above - should be able to help you more.



Hi Hayley, sounds a bit of a strange one! I only mentioned the metering as that may be impacting on exposure not being correct which you also mentioned. Can you change the camera to aperture priority mode and check if the command dial changes the aperture (f stop) number? Just want to make sure the command dial is working! I can't think of another setting off the top of my head which would stop the shutter speed from being changed but I'll have a check for you and see what I can find.

Hi Hayley,

perhaps it would be beneficial for you to download the DXS manual which tells you the positions and functions of the of the sub-command,  main command, metering selector, mode dial, etc etc...

The link is near the top of this page:

Hi Hayley - like some of the others here I'm beginning to think there must be a custom setting or function that's possibly preventing shutter speed changing. The last thing I can suggest is to reset the camera back to its default settings - there's a reset function via the menu system I believe. Without being able to get my hands on the camera to take a look that's the last thing I can think of trying!
Let us know if you manage to resolve though


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