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How can I get the  colors to POP in my photos besides your basic increase of saturation. All my photos seem dull and lacklustre. Is there a special software i can get for this? I use Corel paint shop pro x3 and I always shoot in Raw. Any advice would be appreciated,


Thanks, Jo

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Thanks for the tips Greg, Stunning photo by the way....

Thanks everyone for all excellent tips and advice, very useful. I do not have a polarizing filter for my 18-200mm lens I think that will make a difference, I am going to purchase one this week!
Try a plug-in called Topaz. You can get a 30 day free trial of it. You'd be really surprised what you can do with it. Works in Photoshop Elements or Photoshop CS
I down loaded it yesterday, it is an amazing piece of software. Thanks for the tip.

More Light.

Being aware of the angle from light source to subject - to lens, is important. Also, the texture of the subject in relation to how it reflects light.

Animal fur can be reflective or not; if the cat has just finished preening himself, he may be more colorful than normal. Regardless, you want to be in control of the light if possible and not be slave to circumstances, thus learning to properly use your flash is important. Too much flash blows everything, not enough does the obvious, keeping colors muted and dull. But that does not mean the window of workable light has to be simply perfect. The window of usable light is usually rather broad, depending on your environment of course.

Hope this helps.

There is a lot of color noise in your example jpg. Try de-noiseing(!) for sharper, clearer and more colorful images

This is the result by simply setting the black and white point with the picker tools in Photoshop CS2 (levels).

You just have to look for what you think should be the blackest black and what should be the whitest white in your image.

Take note folks that the original post and comments were done in 2011, its now near the end of 2015.


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