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Hey everyone,

I just have a question for the photographers that have (or do) shoot big events. I have been asked to shoot at a big New Eve bash at a club. Aside of the random shots ill be doing around the club..i'll also be taking photos of individuals (or groups) in a designated area. I was told to givea  price, but i'm having a really difficult time coming up with something. I don't want to be jipped out of my work because i will be doing some minor editing on the spot. But, at the same time i don't want to overcharge.

Someone help!!! :)

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How many hours will you be covering? I would work out the hours from the time I walk out of my front door to the time I open the door again. I am thinking it will be about 7 hours, so that is a full days work, so I would charge about $500.00.

Investigate other photographers in your area, how much do they charge for a days work? Also should you charge extra as you are covering New Year and loosing out on your own celebrations. Also look up the Professional Photographers of America web site, lots of useful information on there. 

Doing prints? Just on disc? There's a lot to consider on this job. What about post editing? Will each person be able to buy prints from you or from the business who is contacting you? 

Fred, i will there from about 9pm-3am...and thank you, i will definitely check out that site!

Joe, yes i will be doing prints on the spot w/ some minor editing...along with a disc with all the pictures from the event. Apparently they already have a set price for the individual photos which is $20.00. I know this is going to be a lot of work on my part and i certainly don't want to be underpaid for it.

We got ripped on an event something like this in the spring. A "Second Chance Prom" event.Charged $20 also. Had a room set up with lighting and flashes. Got 3 people. And one of our computers we took had a hard drive failure due to moving it. My wife and I will never do anything like that again. Good luck. I tend to shy away from anything in clubs now.


I have been thinking about this and now you have given some more information, here are my thoughts.

1. $20.00 to me is to high for a basic shoot, edit and print.

2. $20.00 is about right for a portrait.

Now to make the job easy there has to be two of you, one taking photographs, in jpeg  and the other editing and printing.

For the portrait shots you will need the camera tethered to a laptop and use NEF. So you are now talking about taking a table, chair, laptop, printer, card readers, flash units, spare batteries for camera and flashes and all your other gear. You will need time to set everything up BEFORE any guests arrive. I see you use Nikon, Nikon charge for their software to allow you to tether to a laptop but I know there are some free alternatives out there but Nikon software is good.

All this is going to add to your price

I am going to ask a question, where is the photographer from last year? Did they refuse to do another year? If so, why?

I normally do not take any jobs that want a print on the night, a lot of trouble and often people refuse to pay for any photographs


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