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I really like the bold colors and her eyes the most!  Thoughts?

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I reduced the saturation which was the major issue.  Then I changed the color balance a bit by adjusting the three channels in Topaz Detail as well as increasing the detail some.  Her face was too dark and orange.  Finally, I sharpened the eyes a bit.  Here is the result (time was about 10 minutes, picture size reduced):

Thanks doc.  I like to explain the steps in words then show the results so hopefully the photographer and others can understand and somewhat repeat the process.  Learning to see properly is the hard part which just takes practice as most things do.

Check out  It is a plugin for Photoshop and Corel Paintshop Pro X4 (which is what I use).  They have a 30 day free trial on everything and I usually advise getting the bundle.  You can often get 15% to 30% discounts if you attend their webinars.  These discounts last for 1 to 3 days usually.  Other plugin software for Photoshop that is good is Nik at   You can usually get a 15% discount on this but don't buy for Paintshop Pro.  

I think its beautiful. Aside from the obvious, like the bold colors, to me it has an element of mystery and i like that. Definitely some beautiful eyes. :-)

This photo is stunning from the color of her head scarf to her gorgeous blue eyes!!!!! Even the bright green background makes a difference! Definitely a keeper and a wonderful image good work!

I'm responding to your offer to critique your image because the responses you got just missed the mark, in my opinion.

My approach to a critique is to ask myself what can I say that will help improve the next shoot.  Your image is fine just like it is, no need to tweek it with editing sofware.  This image is an excellent spring board to improving and defining your technique as a photographer.  The first thing I noticed is your model is static, lacking movement.  Your model's eyes are locked on the lens, and she is square into the camera with lots of verticals and horizontals.  The best way to shake the static appearence is with diagonals.   A turn of the head, a tilt of the camera, and lowering the chin can help.  The drama of having your model staring into the lens is fine, but keep in mind you only need one such image in your portfolio.

The second thing that distracted my attention was the material you choose for support.  In your next shoot, choose a material that compliments your subject.  In this image the texture and and folds of the material don't work for you.   The folds should be as smooth and graceful as the subject's youthful lines.  

Always keep in mind that creating the feeling of movement, and support for your subject, are just as important as the subject and requires equal attention, and you'll do fine.  

Excellent composition to my taste. I agree her eyes could be a bit sharper, however they way you frame them is outstanding.  As for her freckles, they are the character of her face and actually emphasize her eyes.  I think it is forgotten the true character of a face with the possibilities we have with post-processing removing spots and wrinkles.  As for bold colors, it is a matter of personal taste - I go for the richer.

I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE IT! Color is GREAT!  Just use less mascara next time!  lol!  ;-)

 The subject has a lot of red tones to her face, albeit her freckles or back glow from the vibrant color of the scarf.  I would, in post processing attempt to pull this tone out (if possible) or neutralize as much as I could.  An almost alabaster skin tone with the bold scarf would be stunning.  You have captured her eyes --perfectly, really nice shot


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