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Ikon Canvas Art stole my Photo and was selling it for almost a year on Amazon and their own Website

Hi everyone!

So sorry that on my very first post I would have to be so negative, but I need to make everyone aware of this!

Using the Google Images I found that Ikon Canvas Art were selling my London Eye on Canvas without my permission or paying me any royalties and had been for almost a year (since March 2011)

They have their own website and also sell on Amazon and Ebay in the United Kingdom.

I contacted Mark Jenkins about the selling of my London Eye photo (which I have had to take down from this site and others recently since I still don't know where he got it from) and he removed my photo but I didn't think it was fair that he had been selling it for almost a year without telling me and since his site has over 2000 images on it, none of which have a single photographers name linked to them, I felt its quite possible he has also stolen many other photographers photos, so I contacted him back asking where he got it from, that I would be seeking royalties for the sale of my photo and that I would be letting Amazon know.

He has now gone quite and removed all of his photos from Amazon and has never bothered to get back to me, making me quite sure all the photos were stolen.

Now a few weeks later I have found he has a ebay store where all those 2000 plus photos are back up.

If I can't get him to compensate me for selling my photo for a year without telling me and stealing it off the internet as I surely did not give it to him or the rights to sell it, then I want to make sure no one else on this site have had their photos stolen too.

So please check on his site tell all your friends, or check out his Ebay store Ikon Art and Photo Canvas  but it may just be easier to go to Google, Images, click on the camera and then upload your photos and see if any are on his site.

I have given up on chasing people that steal my photos and then claim them or use them on their commerical websites but someone that is selling my photo and making money from it, I will take down.

Any suggestions on what I can do to stop them and their illegal trading?



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Well, should I say congratulations on having a photograph stolen or should I feel sorry for you?

If any person post a photograph, on the Internet and it is placed on a web site somewhere and it has been posted full size, they must expect it to be "borrowed" Stealing photographs is a very common activity by a few brain dead idiots.

If you are going to post any photographs on the web never have the longest side more than 700 and save them at about 75% of the original resolution by doing that you will stop the theft. The only other way to stop the theft is not to post on the web. 

One of the biggest sites for theft is Flickr, so you have been warned about that site.

How can you stop a person from earning anything from stolen pictures simply by being nice. Contact the people behind the site, customer services at, you will be surprised at what they can do. The posting you have is fine to send to them but add a link to your original photograph. Tell them that Amazon have just banned him and you would like him stopped. It takes time but being nice is the only option and I am afraid you will not be paid for your time. All you can do is post smaller photographs so that you cannot get back into the same situation.

If you lived in the USA you could copyright all of your photographs for peanuts.

Just a thought, I have no idea of the cost but purchase a photograph from him and where you add a comment just put on there I have just bought my stolen photograph, are the others stolen?

Thanks Fred,

It's my fault because its one of my earlier pics that I put up on the internet full size and now its in so many places I can't do anything about it, now days everything I post is much smaller with a signature which is still not stopping some people but at least then I know I have done something to prevent it.

Ebay have just got back to me saying unless it comes from the Police they won't do anything about it, though I love your comment about purchasing one and then commenting because at least with Amazon you could comment even if you didn't buy anything but you can't on Ebay.

I will take it to the police, I haven't made a single cent from the photo in question but plenty of strangers have without having to buy the camera and learn how to take a photo they can then pay rent through my images but I can't.  Oh well my fault for posting it to start with, just don't like the kind of people that do this and get away with it.

Thanks for replying

Giovanna, after looking at the photos you have posted - I'm not saying it's right, but I understand. ;-) Truly beautiful work.

Thank you for making me smile :-) I have taken my london eye photo down from this site and others because of it all and that was my most popular photo so nice to know you still like my other work :-)

If he's in the U.S. it might be worthwhile to contact an attorney and sue his a**.  Even though you're in the U.K. it's completely possible that an attorney will take it for contingency.  That is infuriating.  I found a publisher yesterday that has been using one of my photograph without attribution or compensation.  I have contacted them but haven't been contacted back.  You just have to be careful to only put up small photographs

I just checked the E-Bay store and it's gone as well.  I see that you are in the U.K. and IKON is in the U.K.  I don't know U.K. laws but this is pretty blatant.  You may be able to find an attorney that'll track the SOB down and sue his a**.  He kind of has it coming!!!!!

Thanks for your replies!

I know its really my fault for putting a photo up so big, and I guess I had to go through all this to learn it and now I won't make the mistake again!

Just can't believe people do this and let everyone else do the hard work and then they make the money!

Interesting about Ebay too, I told them but they didn't want to know so I thought there was nothing I could do then, and I haven't checked back as it just makes me angry.

Thats terrible about your photos! Its so frustrating, I had problems of people just not returning my messages either, its so easy for them to just hide behind the internet and get away with it, or not answer their messages and just disappear, I hate being so negative about it but this guy has really hit a nerve!

Good luck on your one as well!

Why waste money chasing a guy that has no brains?

If we all had the copyright protection that is available in the USA it would become very easy for everybody. Most of the world does not have the same protection.

So here in the UK we have problems like this:

If you can get your head round that ruling, congratulations. Now look at it a different way, you visit the UK take the picture and go back to the USA and make it a mono apart from a splash of red and copyright your photo, who would win? The Brish court would say you are at fault, your copyright office would say they are right>

You will always get theft if you post on the net, so if you must post always keep the longest side to less than 800 and all they will get is a 6x4 postacard

British law and U.S. law are different in that regard.  However, there is one bright spot in the article.  That is that action can be brought in an action similar to small claims court here.  It has always been too expensive here to bring a copyright infringement case unless the defendant had fairly deep pockets.  BTW.  The only similarity in the case cited is that both were of a bus in downtown London.  While one may have prompted the other there are so many dis-similarities that I cannot imagine a court finding the second to be an infringement.  If that were the case here the Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust would be chasing people all over the U.S.

Thanks for message, I did see this actually when it came through, its really scary.

it's all too crazy for me, and your right I just put them up small, I have learnt my lesson and thats as big as they will get from now on.

Thanks for your message, I will see what I can do, I've heard in the UK lawyers are not interested as its to hard to prove....

A couple of interesting sentences from the judgement: 

The parties also referred to the commentary in the text book Laddie Prescott & Vitoria (4th Ed.) in paragraphs 4.60 and 4.61. There the learned authors discuss some of the special problems with photography in copyright law given that the mere taking of a photograph is a mechanical process involving no skill at all and the labour of merely pressing a button.


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