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Hi All

I am about to buy my first SLR camera, but just have a quick question to help me decide.

Is it better if image stabilistaion is in the body or the lens, specifically for low light indoor conditions?

I've read somewhere that some brands prefer either in the body or in the lens itself.(cannot remember where I read it though).

Any comments?

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>>Image stabilization usually refers to Optical stabilization.
This is the preferred and more costly method of stabilization.
This is done by controlling the lens.

Digital stabilization goes by many names; picture stabilization, anti shake, and others.
Digital stabilization is done by electronically shifting bits in the image buffer. This is not as effective as optical stabilization and you lose some megapixels from your final image.

Fujifilm, Olympus, Casio and recently Nikon are using digital stabilization in some of their cameras.

There is another method of stabilization that is used by Sony in their new DSLR camera and it can be found in a few of the small Pentax cameras. They stabilize the CCD sensor instead of the lens.
This type of stabilization is ranked between the optical and digital stabilization. It has an advantage on DSLR cameras, which means that you do not have to buy individual stabilized lenses.

Optical image stabilization is the most preferred and touted as the best.
Cost may be a factor - with in camera IS any lens is fine (even legacy (old) lenses with approproiate adaptors work with in body IS - at least on the Olympus). I shoot with an OLY e-520 IS built in and an e-300 no IS - I use new lenses and have several old glass (pre digital) lenses, I'm very happy with the in body IS it works great.

Your indoor low light question will depend on the quality of the lens you purchase and how the camera can handle the ISO.
This shot is hand held - low light inside the church - I can't remember, I think the ISO was set at 200 - the quality was degraded a little in the software I was using, but it should give you a pretty good idea

Have fun with your research, always best to make an informed decision. I'd be interested to know how you make out.
I am very happy with my in camera IS on my Olympus e3. The nice thing is not having to worry which lens I use. I rarely use my tripod and am in the market for a good monopod to use while taking photos in the Redwood forest.


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