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Jumping to the top when replying to discussions and forums.

Is anyone else having trouble it does not happen all the time but some say they have had this issue too I switched to Explorer it worked once but then did the same I just logged out then back in it seems to be working now.

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I'm not clear about what the question is.

Sometimes when you reply to a comment or image like in daily chatter or one of the challenges, it bumps up to the top of the page a lot of members have had this problem, it is random sometimes the icons disappear too, like when you want to  click on a image icon  to upload etc.

I think you might be speaking of an effect I have seen a few times.  When clicking on the page, the page shifts up on the monitor but the action expected does not happen?  I have seen this but have not investigated the cause.

Yes that is what I was trying to say, it is strange because when it happens not everyone gets the error ,some say they can post and some say they can`t sometimes it comes back after an hour or so, I thought it might be something to do with browser updates and the site has not caught up, it just seems odd that it is random.

Thanks Paul.

My last thought was it might be a HTML problem, I tried to log out but it would not let me, so that trick now does not work it is like the site has a mind of it`s own, it is strange how it works some days and others it does not the same as it does with the reply buttons.


I have now updated to Firefox 17 I have not had any trouble for three days now so I think this update is compatible with the html5 as Firefox 17 scores high with html5 code.

The site was down the other day, it may have been updated.

I am using Google Chrome and the problem happens some times. This may be HTML problem of the site.


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