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I recently finished a book by James Patterson called 'You've Been Warned'. It's based around an aspiring photographer by the name of Kristin Burns. She lives by a line that I think all of us can understand, 'Just Shoot It'. 


Take this for example: Your walking your dog and step out from behind a large 3 story home; The light catches your eye as you round the corner. The angle doesn't quite matter at the moment, 'Just Shoot It'. Great idea right? But not everybody has there cam with them at all times; thats where the idea of exercise comes in. RUN! If your having an anxiety attack just reading this, you should probably read the next part. Carry it with you, by it I mean a point-and-shoot. Unless of course you want to carry around your Cannon 5D and all of it's lenses; I know I wouldn't. So go to Walmart, buy the $50 dollar camera, it might not be 20 mega-pixels but its sure better than missing out on that one shot that could change your photography career for the better; and hey, its not gonna hurt you to click a few times.


So thats my rant. Just click off a few rounds and see how it turns out. You don't need the best camera all the time. You just need the will power to click them off and the modesty to post them on the internet for all to see. Get the $50 dollar camera, and 'Just Shoot It!'

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I have not looked at digital cameras in the $50 price range for a couple of years, or perhaps ever.  A couple of years ago I went over to a local camera store and put a memory card into every P&S camera they had, that still had a  viewfinder.


There is a huge difference between the images at the low, low end of P&S and those from cameras at the high end of P&S.  I moved to dSLR's to get away from the noise and small sensor's lack of depth.  If I think there is any chance at all that I will be taking a picture, I take a camera bag with a lens or two, and a flash and one of my dSLR's.  That said, my wife is the happy owner of a high end P&S which takes good photos.


If I were going for the quality of the $50 P&S, I might just as well use the camera in my cell phone.  If I found I was doing a lot with my cell phone, I would get a cell  phone with a better camera in it before I got a cheap P&S.

Great reminder Noakai! I do try to always have my camera in the car. You just never know when the opportunity will present itself!   I hear what you're saying ..... just don't leave home without SOME means to capture that moment whether it's your cell phone or a point and shoot or you DSLR .... so again, thanks for the reminder!


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