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Here are a couple of examples. What I want to see is depth of field. Shots that just seem to go on and on. I am not good at this but love the look It can be water or any kind of landscape. Two entries and two Ne as usual mainly have fun. Will judge on 2/15 around 6pm.

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Oh pretty Mike love the snow one. The one of the street is cool I love lead in shots. Thanks

Really like the last shot. The snow covered trees adds character to the area

All wonderful shots Mike!  I love how you used the rule of thirds in your first shot and left room for the clouds.  Very dramatic!  I do understand how the lighting on those mountains can be breathtaking and capturing it is can be so difficult!  Nice job!



Bobby so pretty. I wish I was on that lake.

The first one is Fontanna Lake in N.C.. It is a 11,700 acre lake with 240 miles of shoreline and is 17 miles long.

The 2nd one was taken at President Dwight D. Eisenhower's farm near Gettysburg Pennsylvania.

That lake looks so peaceful. Great shot

Both great shots, Bobby, but I love the fall colors int he first one!

Church cove, Cornwall

Beautiful coastline shot, Tracy!  However, I would have tried to place the horizon line in either the upper or lower third of this shot.  You have an interesting foreground, as well as a dramatic shy, and I long to see more of either! 

Here's what I can come up with for this topic.  Some great images here.  

Beautiful "glow" in your first shot, Charlotte!  And the curvy road is a great leading line here also!


Deal Ending Soon!

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