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Hi everyone

First Wish u a happy Christmas & Happy new year 2013, I'm using Nikon d3100 model camera (Nikon 18-55mm Lens & Sigma 70-300mm Lens). in that if i'm taking pictures in manual mode kind of noise is coming. can anyone please tell how to avoid that noise feel or how to remove that noise 





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None of the modes make any noise.  Focus has a motor, as does image stabilization.  They make a little noise.  The mirror and shutter make noise when they move.  Focus beep can usually be turned on or off.

When does the noise happen?  What does it sound like?  Is it continuous or intermittent?

Arokia, You are not clear what noise you are talking about.  There is audible noises like CC has mentioned and picture noise.

Hi Arokia, do you mean noise which we hear with our ears?  Or noise on the photo?  

I wasn't thinking about digital noise in the photo.  If that is the complaint, change between aperture mode and manual mode and watch ISO.  If settings for each mode are retained independently, ISO may be set to a higher value in manual mode.


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