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I just took some fun pictures tonight and wanted to save them to my computer. I unfortunately deleted about 4 of them from the card while the card was in my card reader and then all of a sudden I got an error message saying that I need to reformat the disk whicho of course I did not do.


I changed the card reader ... still the same message.


The pictures were there ... and now I can't see them.


Am I sunk or do I just take the disk to the camera store to see if they can pull the photos off?


Any other ideas?





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TUT, Tut, never delete photographs on a card, always format the card.

I have no idea what card you have but here is one link:

if it is the wrong type do a google search

Deleting or formatting using the computer is probably not the best since the camera should have formatted the card for its use and the formatting may be slightly different than what the computer would have done.

Sandisk and Lexar both have recovery programs which can recover images from a card, sometimes even after the card has been formatted a number of times.  I ran the Lexar program on a card and it found images from the previous summer which would have been after more than 50 formats.  The key is to avoid over-writing the images with new ones.  Try a couple of the recovery programs.  If the recovery program can not get the images, at that point I would try formatting then another recovery attempt.  I doubt the camera store will be able to do anything you can not do for yourself, except to replace the card with another.

Hi Janna, I was getting this error and returned the 32g card back to Scandisk and they replaced it. The new card did exactly the same...You can get your pics back with software. I got a recovery programme free with my card.

The problem is your card reader..I bought so many readers and now I have no problem after buying a Lexar pro usb3 reader

Thanks, guys.


FRED:              I so wish I could back up time as I would do it completely differently. It would have been so much better to put all the photos on my external drive ... Errrrrr, how I regret my actions! I will check out that link.


CameraClicker:  How do I run the software? Can you please tell me the steps?  I am not familiar with this procedure of software at all. Thankfully it is a SanDisk


ANTHONY:       When I put the card in the camera, it says to reinsert the disk or format it. :-( This is what is making me nervous.


DAVE:           Thanks for the advice about the card reader. I will look into it.



Janna, There are videos on youtube if your not sure, maybe this will

I don't have a card here at the moment but can start the software, just double clicked on the icon for it.

I clicked recover photos and it went to the next window

I tried my C: drive but there are no deleted photos to recover so the next window was not too useful.  If there were deleted photos, it should show them to you and give you the opportunity to save them to your hard drive.

Janna click recover photos and the let it look at your card reader ( after you insert the card )

Okay, so I downloaded this SanDisk recovery utility and before I proceed, just want to make sure of two things:


1. It says, You need to format disc in Drive F before you can use it. Do you want to format it?     I CLICKED CANCEL because I don't want to get into more trouble than I already am in.


2. F:\ is not accesstible. The volume does not contain a recognized file system. Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted.


HELP!  Thanks so much, in advance! What would I do without you guys???


I'm at a different machine.  This one has the Lexar program on it, and I tried it with a freshly formatted card.  It found lots of files.  I only pulled a few off save some time.  It named the files as TIF, which prevented them from being opened until they were renamed CR2 ( I know there were only raw files on the card ).  Once renamed, the files open and look fine.

With the card still in the reader, I tried the Sandisk program.  It too seems to be working as expected.

So far it is at 18% done and still chugging along...

The PC must recognize that the card is present and mount the card as a drive.  Typically that happens automatically when the card is inserted.  Someone suggested trying the card in the camera to see if it can still see anything.  I think that is a good plan.  If that does not work, I would try formatting the card because that will tell you if the card electronics are still healthy or not.  Formatting should not overwrite the files, but make sure you format the card in the same machine you used last time, presumably in the camera.  Then try the recovery program again or try the Lexar program instead.

The Sandisk program finished up, and it got the file type correct, they are saved as CR2, so it would be less work once the files are recovered.

Same number of files found to be saved.  The Sandisk program just saved them all.

I just noticed, it managed to get the date of the file correct.  The card has been formatted at least every week, frequently two or three times a week since October, yet there are the files.  I checked a few, they open fine and the ones shown in the directory are indeed from a trip to the Distillery District and still look like they should.


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