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hi im starting this discussion to know if you guys can give me a review on this site i read about it saw the site and process an album to test it out but i would like to know if you know and what's your feed on it? :) thanx! 

ill let you know when i get my work delivered in a few days....

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Absolutely awesome. Great customer service and great products. But go to instead. They will guide you through their process better there. Mpix is just for their consumers.
o thank you very much i will check them out too :) i think if i like it i will print my portfolio there, thank you again!
With the pro they will ask you for 5 test images and they will send you 5 free 8x10 prints to make sure your monitor is calibrated to match their prints. They do not do any color correction on their end. They print the images as they are sent.
Which baffles me even more. Why are uncorrected 4x6s $0.19 through and $0.69 through Mpix Pro? Larger prints cost the same through both sites, yet Mpix will color correct and Mpix Pro doesn't? I don't need color correction; I need a discount for making their job easier. :)
We use mpixpro and love them. We used to use mpix (and still do sometimes) but mpixpro has twice the product offering, and they don't publish prices to the public. We send all our wedding clients to Mpix when we give them their images.
I agree with the customer service an great products. I've toured their lab and they're outstanding!
They got the super popular 'metalic' prints. I love mpix, the only think I don't like is the shipping is about $6
I agree with Sean. They are beyond Superb!
i used their services recently they did a great job :) i havent tried mpixpro yet , soon though now that i have a new camera yayYYYY!!!! :D
mpix is GREAT! I have also used - I did receive the 5 test 8X10's and I was happy with their quality/service as well. (wasn't aware of mpixpro - thanks!)
I use Zenfolio to host my website....MPIX is one of the labs they use for services. Love their work, and customer service has been great.

If you are interested in creating an online portfolio, Zenfolio is the place to

My site is
I love Been using them for 6 years.

I have an MpixPro account, but I've noticed that small prints are more expensive there. For instance 4x6s are 69 cents each at MpixPro, but only 29 cents at I haven't been able to find any indication that the service or product isn't the same? offers 19 cent 4x6s without correction. Since I calibrate my monitors I don't need corrections. I go through tens of thousands of 4x6 prints every year. 50 cents each is a pretty good chunk of change.
Has anyone had any photos printed on Mpix Standouts or Canvas?


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