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1.6 sec at f/22 with lots of exposure compensation, ISO 100.

Your sensor needs cleaning.  The sky is full of blobs caused by sensor dirt.  Sensor dirt is usually not visible at f/2.8 or f/4 but becomes very apparent at f/16, f/22 or smaller.

There is a strange blue material on the rocks!  This suggests the photo has had a colour replaced, globally instead of selectively and carefully.

It appears the sea may pour over a foreground rock creating a small waterfall which causes the rocks under the water to be out of focus.  Curiously, I see a pig's head forming the left side of the rock!  The water is a strange colour and the rock/waterfall is a distraction.  The tag is seascape, but if that is salt water, I don't understand the waterfall unless it is caused by wave action or tide and there is a hole lower in the rock that allows the water to drain from the foreground.   The water looks like it was painted onto the rock at upper right of centre.

I would start over with the original and crop it above the waterfall to get a panorama, I would either leave the colours alone or be much more careful in changing colours and I would lighten the foreground rocks so the detail at upper right is better.

thanks alot for the advice. I will soon upload some more pictures with more carful editing as i am sorting through pictures right as we speak. About the dirty sensor, i have started to notice it alot lately but have not wanted to try clean it because im a bit worried, do u have any tips on how to get it clean?

thanks Paul, i have a blower and tried it once it may have just got dusty again ill give it a crack......Really appreciate the help guys

I have never been successful at blowing dirt off the sensor.  When at home I use fluid and a wipe.  When traveling I use a dry method I picked up in Hong Kong.  If you are not mechanically inclined by nature, then have Nikon or the local Nikon importer clean the sensor.  If you are interested in how to clean it yourself, here is a link:

Some people swear by Artic Butterfly, but I have only ever added dirt using it, so it sits on the shelf.

This is the closest I have been able to find on the Internet, to what I got in HK.  Not as good as Eclipse fluid but easier to use and you can travel with it.

Your color balance is really screwed up.  Way too much cyan in the highlights.  Unless you're going for a very different effect your color is just way off, specifically cyan.

I agree with Nathan,

the color is a little bizarre in the cyan range on my monitor, you also have cyan and magenta color fringes in the outlines..  Is the excessive cyan intended, you don't say anything in your supporting info?

Regarding cleaning the sensor, it really is very easy when you get the hang of it, if i were to send mine away every two weeks for cleaning it would cost a fortune lol

My initial reaction was 'wow fantastic shot' but then within 3 or 4 seconds of staring it became awfully aparant just how much this image relies on alsorts of levels tweaking, and then rapidly falls over and tumbles into the abyss of total amatuerism.


However the angle and framing are great, and I love the idea and concept, if you can I'd go back there, and but first read up and practisce plenty on how to make use of and control light and then take the image properly, before giving it just a minor tweak in post.



thanks paul, i have some more recent photos uploaded now if u would like to have a look i dont know why i chose to put this up just in a hurry i guess.

u really have some beautiful photos, i really need to get some more advice on my other shots. thanks got a bit wild with lightroom here


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