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I've been considering upgrading my camera for awhile. Recently, it seems like there are three main types of SLR cameras that are popular right now that are in my price range. 

There's the Canon EOS Rebel T3i, Canon EOS Rebel T3, and the Nikon D3100. 

I was wondering  what thoughts everyone had on these cameras. If you have it, what's the pros and cons? Which one is overall better?


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Congratulations on your purchase. You will love it as I love mine.

Wow, lots of advice here. May I suggest a little fore-thought here? There are rumors in the wind about a major company merger that might happen this year due to the earth quake and tidal-wave in Japan last year. My advice would be to go with Canon because they have the dollars for R&D and they're people/customer oriented. However, now that I have shot my mouth off - if there is a late model camera for sale in a store the odds are in our favor that it's going to be a good one, hence they're all good. As the old quip - some drive a Ford, others a Chevy, so it is with cameras. May the choice be wise and the lens sharp.

true spoken  words

So... would the merger give us a Canikon?

As previously mentioned, it all comes down to your personal preference of the way the camera feels in your hands and which of the user interfaces appeal to you. You have a decent pick of starter camera there. I can't comment on Canon as I've always used Nikon due to my heavy investment in their glass.

I can suggest skipping the D3100. You will outgrow it's abilities and quickly find it's limitations. If you chose to go the Nikon route, a used D5100 or D90 would be better. 

Just my two cents.. yup.

i got the Canon Rebel T3, but i was looking a Nikon, but i went for a Canon because it was slightly cheaper for the same features. And i happy i went for the Canon, it comes with a detailed PDF instruction on a disk in a bunch of languages, plus it came with a few different image processing/editing programs.

I have the D5100 and love it sooo easy to use it is my first DSLR. But I heard someone say once" It's not the camera it's the person behind the camera. If you know how to use a camera you can get great shots with a point and shoot." Good luck I am sure you will get great pictures from which ever camera you choose.

I also went here for camera comparisons  hope this helps


sure can

they are all good, I took the nikon 3100, I was gonna get the Rebel or the 90, but it was out of stock, and the 3100 just sorta sat there saying take, take me, and I got a free 16 gig card, and you can change lens, but shop around, bargain !!!, and if you go pro, this may help


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