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Hello!  I am Don from San Antonio, and just found this great site.  I am a newcomer to DSLRs but have been a fan of photography for several years.  I look forward to learning from the expertise I see on this site and hope to be able to contribute as well.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Don in TX

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Don, I am from Cibolo just up the road from SA.  I belong to a number of photography meetups in San Antonio and around the area.  If you have not joined any I would suggest that you do.  Most of them are free unless we are doing a model shoot and then the cost would vary depending on how many photographers were doing the shooting.  We just did a great Valentines's photo shoot over at a meetup group near Kirby. 

Here are some of the meetup groups I belong to. Take a look, check them out and see if you want to join.

These are two of the ones I belong to and I have learned a lot from them.  The photographers from both groups are from beginners to advancd and more.  We have a lot of learning work shops as well as model shoots.

There is a class in San Antonio on Feb 15 & 16, entitled "Take your camera off of Manual".

I am going on the 15th to learn some more.

Send an e-mail to this address to get more information:  OKELLO@DSLRWORKSHOPS.COM

Hope to see you at some of the meetup.

Alan Perkins


Thank you Alan.  I will definitely check out the sites.  I'm glad there are some photo groups locally.  That sounds great!  Thanks again!

Don in TX

Just like you I am also new to this site and I look forward into learning from you and to see your photos.

Hello Don,

Im Dave from Farwell. This is a great site, and I wish you the best of luck.


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