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Will anybody from the members share tips on the use of Nikon D300 Camera. Pls cite also its advantage and disadvantage.

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I have hear good things about that camera.
Nikon D300 is a great camera, has every thing you need, but comes with a huge price.

Here is a cheat on D300, to achieve 8fps with out an optional MB-D10.
Thank you Sir for the comment. I will view the site you directed me.
The Nikon D300 is a great DX format camera. The only disadvantage that I could think of is it's weight, specially when you attach the MB-D10 battery grip.
thank you Hector for this comment.
The D300 is a very good camera, has more features than the average photographer might use and could be a little overwhelming for someone that does need everything. I'm rough on equipment and it holds up well for what I do. The 52 focal points provides sharp images under varying conditions. You can actually see the image on the large preview screen, I use only Nikon gear and have a D100, D200, for secondary body, but will be replacing them with another D300 shortly.

Murray Edwards
Edwards FreeLance Photography
Thank you Mr. Edwards for the comment. The many features i saw on the viewfinder menu seemed to astound me.


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