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Hello all!

was wondering about a nikon d5000. We generally buy sony's and have a sony a350. But just looking at a nikon d5000, and was wondering if there was anyone out there that had one or knew how it works for them. If you like it, the ups and downs, etc. Thank's!

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Hey M wc, 

I guess it depends on what the reason is that you wish to change your current camera...

Ask yourself what are you looking for in a new camera, are there limitations with your current gear?  Why do you want to change your camera body? How many lenses do you have for your current body and do you want to buy into a new system? (mind you I have seen much better results with Nikon lenses over Sony, especially around the edges) Just things to consider since the models you mentioned are almost the same.  Might be a consideration to use what you've got and put the money into better lenses etc, just a thought...

I personally shoot Nikon and have all sorts of good things to say about it.  A friend of mine was a manager at the Sony Store and I was able to play around with the cameras there.  For my style of shooting I wouldn't be happy with a Sony anything short of the A850.  I'm personally happier with the build quality and overall feel of the Nikon.  

That being said, Sony does manufacture some sensors for Nikon, though Nikon tends to tweak them up after the fact especially in the higher end models. A Quote from Tetsuro Goto (director of laboratory reseach and development in Nikon, Japan)... “Sony is a major company that sells many sensors to camera manufacturers. The Alpha DSLR use Sony sensors and we also use Sony sensors in the Nikon D3000 and D5000, for example. In our D300, we use a basic Sony sensor and ours have the same definition, but they are quite different, because we make many changes.”

So again, I'm curious if you have an a350, why are you considering a d5000?  They are almost the same camera unless of course you are going for the movie mode....

You can't go wrong with a Nikon, I guess it depends on what you are going to use it for, as I'd almost be tempted to look at perhaps the used market and go a little higher in the scale...(Nikon D90, D300).  Again, it depends on what you want out of a camera.  If you're looking for a smaller, lighter camera to carry around all the time, taking decent shots and having fun, your a350 or d5000 will fit the bill.  If you want to get a little more serious, you might want to head a little further up the scale.

One little aspect of difference between the cameras, the d5000 does not have image stabilization built into the body, while the Sony does. (Image stabilization helps you get rid of blur caused by hand holding the camera especially noticeable in longer exposures and telephoto lenses.  While some people can hand hold cameras for insanely long exposure times, most of us are not that god-like. As a result you may want to look at lenses with VR...vibration reduction...)  Nikon does have a ton of lenses with that built in now, right down to the beginner 18-55vr lens, so its kind of a non-issue, but something that should be considered.

A couple of sites/links to view...

Happy Shopping! 


Great explanation! Really did clear up any doubts about the two cameras. I really am quite happy with the A350, and after reading the reviews on the two, I am even happier. Thank you.

Do appreciate the first person comparisons between the two, it is definitely too expensive to go around buying cameras just to find out what you like, (ha ha).

Sincere thank's to all~


I have been using the D5000 for a few years, and there are very few dislikes. I was between the D5000 and D90 and finally settled on the D5000.

Likes: live view with swiveling LED screen, same detector as D90, image quality, size, selection of available lenses.

Dislikes: LCD only 230,000 pixels vs 900,000 on D90. Autofocus motor not built in, no depth of field button.


Buy it again, Yes, thinking of getting a backup body.


thank you for sometimes it isnt that you want to change it is when you do you want to know the ifs and whys. others imput helps to understand a clear pic.

I am using the D3000 and love it;  the 5000 has a lot of upgrades and is top of the line.  Two of my co-workers are using the 5000 and totally love it; every feature is easy to use. 


Until Midnight!

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