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After months of speculation Nikon has officially announced the D800. Boasting a 36.3 megapixel sensor, Nikon claims this to be the best image quality of any DSLR ever. For more information and details see here

Anyone thinking about picking this up when it launches in March?

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Yes I'am most definitively going to get one or two, right after I get a D4. A bit disappointed that camera does not support 2.7x zoom in video and does not have WT-5 connection.  Other then that one awesome camera, I'm sure that medium format manufacturer aren't too happy with Nikon. 

Lucky man. I'll probably just be picking up the D800 and not the D4 -- both are beautiful systems.

Just go to the section and have a read on the wall, others have been discussing it for a few days and remember it is a brand new camera not a replacement or upgrade

Actually it's an upgrade for D700 and replacement for D3X. 

Sorry Anatolly the D800  is not a replacement for the D700 but a brand new camera, words from Nikon not me.

I have seen this arguement on other forums, read Nikon's words of wisdom.

I never said it was a replacement I said it is an upgrade, because if the D800 isn't an upgrade then what is going to be the upgrade for the D700. 

When Nikon announces new cameras, the public knows, if they do not announce anything, the public does not know. Nikon never announce anything until they are ready. There is a huge electronics show coming up, that is where Nikon normally announces any new units or look at three years from the date the D700 was first announced. September is another favourite time for Nikon

Every new model is an 'upgrade' of the previous whether stated or not. Of course it is a new camera. But its built upon known technology and mechanics. 

Yes, every upgrade is built upon known technology and mechanics but the camera you are talking about has:

Newly developed Nikon FX-format CMOS sensor with 36.3 effective megapixels

Advanced Scene Recognition System with enhanced accuracy realized by 91K-pixel RGB sensor

Multi-area mode Full HD D-Movie that enables a variety of expressions in two formats

Optical low-pass filter optimized for sharpness

Full HD video quality and minimized rolling shutter effect:
Dynamic movie shooting in diverse lighting situations

Nikon engineers have developed a unique alternative for those seeking the ultimate
in definition. The D800E incorporates an optical filter with all the anti-aliasing
properties removed in order to facilitate the sharpest images possible.
This is an ideal tool for photographers who can control light, distance and their
subjects to the degree where they can mitigate the occurrence of moiré. Aside
from the optical filter, all functions and features are the same as on the D800.
Note: The D800E carries an increased possibility that moiré and false color will appear, compared to the D800.
IR cut and antireflective coating properties of the optical filter remain the same with both versions.

So all of these selected new technology is on previous Nikon units?

Upgrade would mean D700a not D800, it is the same as saying the D300S is an upgrade of the Nikon D50. You, a person, will purchase an upgrade camera but as manufacturers state, you will be purchasing a New Model.

D300s is not an upgrade for the D50 it was an upgrade for the D300. Nikon at this point will not come out with a D700a more like (D700s, x, h) they had there change and instead went with the D800. 

A little more information about the new D800 from Nikon.

In an interview with Nobuaki Sasagaki (General Manager at Nikon) about D800 he mentioned that they will continue to make the D700.

On another forum a member posted does the D800 need a tripod? Below is the reply:

Based on details extracted from Nikon’s D800/E technical guide (see below), it appears that this camera will be hard to work with or even hand hold by anyone other than a professional studio photographer. Among the warnings:

Bokeh and blur more obvious because of high pixel count.
Recommend tripods and VR lenses.
Slightest motion causes blur.
Slap of mirror causes blur.
Suggest remote shutter release.
Don’t stop down more than f 11 or lose definition through diffraction.
Changing focus point can cause blur.
High ISO setting will lose detail in edges.

Bokeh and blur are made that much more obvious. Realizing the full potential of a camera with over 30 million pixels involves a thorough appreciation of bokeh
and blur, careful selection of settings and of tools (such as lenses and tripods), and working with the best possible subjects.

Even the slightest camera motion can result in blur. The technique revealed in this section minimizes blur through a combination of live view photography and a tripod.

Use live view- even the slap of the mirror can sometimes be enough to blur photographs. In live view, the mirror is raised well before the shutter is released, helping keep blur to a minimum.

An optional remote cord can be used to prevent the camera moving when you press the shutter-release button,

Stop aperture down too far, however, and diffraction will cause the image to actually lose definition.

You will notice that photos seem to have less depth of field than pictures shot with other cameras under the same conditions, and that focus consequently requires more attention. ….. changing the focus point even slightly can blur important details.

The High ISO NR option in the shooting menu reduces the randomly-spaced bright pixels, fog, and lines characteristic of high sensitivity noise, but may leave 
edges less sharp. 


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