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My Nikon D5000 is about to go in the bin.I t used to take great clear sharp photo's but not for months now.I have always used Aperture priority .Have been scouring the web for months getting tips and changing every combination of settings but getting nowhere,9 out of 10 photo's are blurred.I use the lens that came with it and 55 -200mm lens with same results.Any idea's. 

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Here we go with new settings and looking good,very sharp on a very dull day so not too bright photos.


They look a lot better

I know the light was bad this morning as I had the camera on ISO 1000 to get a shutter speed around 300 this morning.

I will download and look at one of the pictures later and get back to you.

Took about 40 photos at local park with your settings and not one is blurry,a quick edit with Picasa but were not improved much which is a good sign in a way,may try to improve with Lightroom but what a difference.



A lot better, nice and sharp. Yes, put them through Lightroom, not Picasa, if you use Picasa all you are doing is putting some polish on the shots, use something designed to do it.

Now if you look at your last photo of the flower it is very nice but it is VERY RED you need to go into your picture control and turn down where you have VIVID to the next setting up, to reduce the over saturation of colours.

Now remember what I said, only make one alteration and look at the results before any other alteration is made

Got it,thanks Fred

If every DX lens you have will not focus, I think it is your camera. Try using other full auto & semi - auto settings to narrow the problem down. Since you are an experienced user, I will not ask you if your lens are set on auto focus.

Hi Steven,thanks to Fred the problem seems to be solved,it was down to the incorrect settings on camera.


       Hi `everyone. My name is Tony.This is the first time I am on here. I stil have to learn how to upload photos. I have 2 Nickon point and shoot and a Kodak Z981

. Fred: I have learned a lot from you tonight. You talked a lot about  ISO and shutter speed to let more light in. Not once did you say to increase the EV settings. Why not?

EV settings are for people who can not read the light correctly but in saying that there are some colours that you should use the EV button. So with a person who is not understanding the way everything links together, keep away from the EV button. Be careful, in a lot of situations altering the EV on a dSLR will introduce noise. Keep it simple


to post a picture in this reply simply click on the second icon in from the left and follow the instructions.

I haven't read all the replys, but have you adjusted the Viewfinder Diopter Adjustment - if you need glasses to see and have adjusted this incorrectly, then what you see and think is in focus, actually isn't.


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