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My Nikon D5000 is about to go in the bin.I t used to take great clear sharp photo's but not for months now.I have always used Aperture priority .Have been scouring the web for months getting tips and changing every combination of settings but getting nowhere,9 out of 10 photo's are blurred.I use the lens that came with it and 55 -200mm lens with same results.Any idea's. 

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Hi Florentino I did not forget to put the lens back to auto,I will change settings to try and get sharper brighter photos.

Unless you post some of the photographs, it is all guesswork as to what is going wrong apart from those words you have just wriiten ".As i have tried lots of good advice"

Hi Fred  I enhanced these as much as I could sharpen brighten ect,I even used flash on some of them.


All three are suffering from motion blur.  Your shutter speed is far too slow!  You can not hand hold 200 mm at 1/6th of a second.  Some people will tell you, you can not hand hold at less than 1/200th or 1/300th!

0040 looks best, and you will notice it was 1/30th at 55 mm, not fast enough, but much better.  It would probably have been sharp at 1/60th or 1/125th.

You can increase ISO, a lot, or you can purchase and use a tripod.


I have to agree with CameraClicker your shutter speed is far to low.

Now looking at your EXIF Data you had the camera set to:

Aperture f/5.6, Shutter Speed 1/30s, ISO AUTO (200), Lens length 55mm, Matrix metering, AF-A, White Balance = AUTO, Colour Space sRGB, Active D-Lighting = AUTO, AF Area Mode = 3 D Tracking

Now, your camera is still set incorrectly, so I will go through the settings so that you can alter them in the menu system. Then I want you to go outside and take a picture of anything and post it on here.

ISO AUTO turn this to 200 and leave it there.

WHITE BALANCE set this to cloudy and leave it there

ACTIVE D_LIGHTING set this to OFF, I repeat OFF

AF Area Mode = 3 D Tracking, is a nice setting for when photographing moving fast objects, like, birds, planes, cars, animals, motor bikes, in fact anything else that moves fast. If you are photographing an object on the ground TURN IT OFF.

Now I said I want to to go out and take a photograph, I do not care what it is. Once you have set everything as I have told you go out side and take the shot, now what was the shutter speed? Now increase the ISO to maybe 500, is the shutter speed now 300? if it is still under 300 turn the ISO up to 1000, what is the shutter speed?

Now I await the uploading of the two photographs and we shall go from there.


How is that


one more,no edits at all.


The first three look a lot better.

EXIF data states 55mm lens length, Aperture f/5.6, Shutter Speed 1/160 sec, ISO (AUTO 1600)

Exif Data states, Lens length, 55mm, Aperture f/5.6, Speed 1/160 sec ISO (AUTO 1600)

Exif Data states, Lens length 55mm, Aperture f/5.6, Shutter Speed 1/200 sec, ISO (AUTO 1250)

Now all three pictures are a lot better, sharper and a quick look no blurring, so what has changed?

No Active D-lighting, leave it OFF and never use it again.

Shutter speed is well up with 1/160 sec as the slowest speed, more than enough speed for a lens of 55mm but what I do not like is the AUTO ISO, it has worked indoors but it can be fooled.

So all I have done is a little level control otherwise they are seen as taken. There are other adjustments I would like you to make but try this for now.. Now I will look at the other picture.


This picture

Lens length 200mm Aperture /5.6 Shutter Speed 1/640 sec ISO = AUTO 200

This shot I would have had a larger f/number, maybe f/9.6 or higher to bring more into focus in the sea but in doing that the shutter speed would have dropped, maybe to much to be hand held. This is where you need ISO set to manual and on 200 and then raise the number to get to shutter speed.

So if you look a shutter speed of 1/640, a nice sharp picture

Thank you for all your help Fred,and everyone that gave me advice.I will keep these settings and see how I get on.


If you are going to keep to Auto ISO I would like you to make another alteration to your camera.

Go to the Auto ISO setting in the menu and it should offer you to be able to set a minimum shutter speed. Now as you are suffering with motion blur, set the minimum speed to 1/300, this will allow the camera to set the ISO to get the shutter speed providing there is enough light available, if there is not it will select the highest shutter speed available. Make the alteration and see how you get on because I do have a few more for you.


Thanks Fred,The closest I can set it to is 1/320 so i have set it to that.Someone else suggested this as well but at 1/200 which I thought too low.Not the best conditions today as its foffy outside but watch this space.Glad to say I have not lost the photography bug.


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