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My Nikon D5000 is about to go in the bin.I t used to take great clear sharp photo's but not for months now.I have always used Aperture priority .Have been scouring the web for months getting tips and changing every combination of settings but getting nowhere,9 out of 10 photo's are blurred.I use the lens that came with it and 55 -200mm lens with same results.Any idea's. 

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Camera is not on 3d tracking,just double checked.No setings have been changed.

I realize this is an old thread.  Just want to know what the outcome was.  I would have taken the camera and lens to a shop and got them to check it out.  Hope it all turned out good.

Hi Richard, long story.Got rid of the Nikon and me and the wife got a Canon D60. Pictures were never sharp again,sent off to be checked out and it turns out both camera's were faulty and needed new main boards.Seems there is a problem with this model of Canon,talk about bad luck eh.Not sure if there was a problem with the Nikon as it was a good camera,just me being fussy maybe so don't let it put you off.Could all be down to settings in camera or your lens.Me and the wife both got the Sigma 18-250 Macro lens so we would not have to chop and change lenses .It's a great lens.Get it for Canon or Nikon.Davy


Deal Ending Soon!

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