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Hey all,

I am looking at purchasing an Olympus E-3 in the next couple of weeks and wanted to know if anyone has used one before. If so, what kind of performance can I expect in low-light situations? I have read a ton of reviews, but most of them don't go into any detail where low-light shots are concerned.

Thanks in advance for your input...

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According to Olympus, the sensor is almost 1/4 the size of a full frame sensor. It is a 10 mega pixel sensor. This means the individual photosites must be small. This may be overcome by very high quality amplifiers, but is it?

Flickr has half a million photos taken with the E3, some of them must be night shots, otherwise that would be telling.

Pbase also has some photos: Someone took a really good shot of the lunar eclipse last February: The Eiffel Tower: Hong Kong:

When looking at other people's photos it can be hard to tell what the camera did and what Photoshop did.

The camera takes a compact flash memory card, so take a card with you to the store and try out the camera in some low light/lower light situations, shoot out the front door of the store after dark for instance. Review the photos on a computer to see if they are satisfactory for your needs. Most Canon models use compact flash so try a test shot or two with a comparably priced Canon. I believe the Nikon D700 also uses the compact flash, try it too. Shooting the same scene with two or three cameras then examining the results on your own computer is the best way to gauge relative quality.
I am in the research phase mostly, and the other camera I am looking at is the Nikon D300. I have heard wonderful things about it, but I have glass for the Olympus already. Decisions decisions.... =)

thanks for the information
Ok, so I went down to the camera shop and did a side by side comparison of the E-3 and the D300...I'm going with the D300. Though the E-3 is a nice camera, the D300 is the better bang for the buck!
I am in the process of changing over to Nikon from Olympus - mainly because of the full size sensor. The E3 is certainly a good camera. But I felt that the 4/3 sensor was limiting (and will continue to be). At this point in time all of my images on pbase were done with Olympus equipment. ( I just purchased the D700 with 24-70mm and 105mm zoom. I am selling off my Olympus equipment.
You have lots of great images at pbase. The small sensor may be limiting but it doesn't show. Obviously Olympus is a good choice for anyone looking for a slightly smaller, lighter DSLR.
What are you asking for th E3? And what other Olympus equipment do you have? Does the E3 take the four thirds mount?
Hi Joe,
I am putting pricing together for the equipment I have. Hopefully someone will take a package. These are all Olympus cameras and lenses (except for one Sigma lens) and are all four thirds equipment. All are in excellent condition, some used very little. They include:

Olympus E3 camera body with battery pack and extra battery
Olympus E510 body with battery
Olympus Zuiko 12-60mm (24-120mm equivalent) f2.8 - 4.0 SWD
Olympus Zuiko 50-200mm (100-400mm equivalent) f2.8-3.5 SWD
Sigma 105mm (210mm equivalent) f2.8 Macro (1:1)
Olympus FL50 Flash with Gary Fong Globe diffuser

All equipment will be shipped in original boxes with the body caps, lens caps, straps, cases, etc., that normally come with the product.
The E3 is currently Olympus' top of the line DSLR. The two SWD lenses are excellent quality and the 50-200mm is barely used.

I prefer to sell a package so I can get enough money to buy a second Nikon D700 and complete my transition from Olympus to Nikon. You can make an offer for equipment. Put together your own package and I will let you know if I can swing that. Otherwise trell me what you want and I will give you a price. You can contact me directly at

Thanks for your interest.

The e3 is a exccelente camera, which can be excellent ZUIKO. The dynamic range is perhaps a little worse than the Nikon D700, although tall light well, do not ever disappoint. The picture that I went to the e3 is because I have not measured either. The body is sealed, the body is stabilized, which gives you more room to the time of shooting in low light conditions, in short, I'm happy and I am a holder of fully paid. I have more of an acquaintance who made the change to Oly and Nikon full frame, and has returned to Olympus.

Have a fabulous Zuiko 50mm f2, a matchless 7-14, the small sensor, it depends on what. The multiplication factor of x2 can be haandicap in a corner, but a big advantage in Teles. I spindle with old manuals and aims to assure you that it is a genuine enjoyed.


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