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I just started doing outdoor photography, maybe you can help me improve my shot by commenting on this picture

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Thank you Paul for your comment, this is an enlightenment for me, you have a keen eye for details, hope to improve in my next shot

Arsam, I agree with observations of Paul.

I have tried to edit it, Please look at it. It has been done hurriedly so any deficiency should be accepted.

Before posting an image, please reduce the size of image, it minimizes the chance of misuse of your picture 

I agree with Paul's assessment that focus is off.  And, I agree the lighting is off.  I am having trouble with the comment: "... as there is a circular reflection in the eyes, which is tacky and unprofessional."  The reflection in the eyes is a catch light and most people want a catch light.  Most speedlights have a white card that can be pulled out to bounce some light into the eyes and create a catch light when the flash is aimed up to bounce light off a ceiling.  When using lights in a studio, an easy way to adjust their height is to start them quite high and slowly lower them until the eyes pop.  If you have softboxes you get square or rectangular catch lights (unless you have a round softbox), and if you have umbrellas you get round catch lights.  

The photo was taken with a Canon Rebel T2i (550D), at f/4, 1/60th, ISO 100, and 38 mm.  According to EXIF data, "flash did not fire, compulsory mode".  I take this to mean the camera would have fired a flash if one was available, but the built in flash was down and there was no external flash or it was not turned on.  Exposure mode was manual.

I'm guessing the lens used was the kit 18-55 lens?  And there was no lens hood which resulted in that grape beside her head.

f/4 and a fairly short focal length gives a lot of depth of field.  To separate the background with blur, the background would have to be much further back.

The thing that bothers me most is her amputated right arm and floating hand.  This highlights the importance of posing.  Some of the other problems could be fixed by lens choice, lighting or focus. 

I think Amir has improved her face but I don't like the blue tinge of the dress.  This is a difficult photo to fix.

Or, in this case, the lack of flash probably detracted from the eyes.  It may also have something to do with the makeup and colour cast. ;o)

I'm an amatuer but just looking at the photo, I would say around and above the head seems a little dark and the way the beautiful lady is leaning she looks like her arm is missing. This is just my opinion, hope this helps.

I was at the eye doctor's for a regular check up this morning and she put dilation drops in my eyes.  I still can't see very well.

How is this (aside from the missing arm)?


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