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im looking for a good, easy to use and completely free (please not a free trial) photo editing software

any suggestions other than Gimp

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my only problem with GIMP is that its not user friendly at all

i guess ill just have to suck it up or buy Photoshop

In order of my preference:

Photoshop elements (Good RAW and JPEG editing. Good learning info on the net, one step from full PS)

ACDSee ($40) excellent basic JPEG editing.

Corel Paintshop pro (v X3 2010) £16 at Amazon

Irfan View (free)


Photoshop Elements is perhaps slightly more than Corel Paintshop Pro, but I found it easier to use.  It also prepared me for the jump to Photoshop CS5.

What works best for you, will depend on how your mind works.  Download the trials and try them out.

google's PICASA is a nice software with fast working capability.

Faststone Image Viewer is a free editor, batch converter and all around time saver if you just need some quick fixes.  It is also my go-to app for sorting and trashing the junk and it is a VERY capable application with a clean interface. (and does RAW)

Google it..

Certain times of the year I may take 3..4..500 photos of a game and have to do it again in a few days or even the next day.  I have found that google's PICASA has grown to be a very powerful Free, easy to use, editing software. I need and enjoy the speed and easy of the program to get through the large numbers of shots.

Paul Brooks has a good point.  I used to edit my photos with Picasa and for a very short time, Gimp.  But you get what you pay for.  I've been using Adobe Lightroom 3.  This program, as well as Adobe Photoshop Elements, can be found online for under $100.  They're much better for editing, and much more user-friendly as well.

Actually, GIMP is very similar to Photoshop, so if you find GIMP difficult, Photoshop is going to be difficult too. But I suggest that you take the time to learn GIMP. It's no that difficult once you familiarize. There are very good tutorials in YouTube. You'll see why it is so popular.

thanks everyone for the suggestions, i recently bought photoshop and love it

Photography Network is pushing Snapheal for a bit now. Probably a good software, very useful according to the description. Unfortunately only for Mac users. Any software like Snapheal available for PC ?

I like too much Pixlr, is very similar to photoshop, works in line at its free, you can download also a portable version oft photoshop from cs3 to cs5 works very fine, haven´t all the option but woprks very nice

Reconsider Gimp. It is the best free photo editor period. I have used both Gimp and Photoshop for years and tried many more. Gimp rocks!


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