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I've been using gimp a lot lately as a free substitute to Photoshop. Gimp is more basic but has features similar and the same to Photoshop that brings your over all cost far down.



Has anyone else had success with Gimp?

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I really love the concept of Gimp, but the reality of it falls short for me. Every new version of photoshop brings new tools that make editing photos simpler and faster. Couple that with better RAW support from Adobe.. and it becomes a matter of getting what you pay for. 

It depends on how you calculate cost.  Gimp is powerful but the learning curve is fairly steep.  Photoshop is also very powerful and the learning curve is also fairly steep, but there are more books, courses and tutorials available.  For me, the interface is also more intuitive.  I can get what I want, faster, by using Photoshop.  As Papa Rotzzi alluded, when new hardware is offered by the camera companies, you can down load the files needed for raw conversion from the Adobe site almost immediately.  With Gimp, you have to write the file or wait until someone else discovers they need the file and then writes it.  Depending on your hourly rate, it does not take very long to justify the cost of Photoshop based on return on investment.  If you are in business, you can probably depreciate the cost of the software which saves a bit on taxes too.


For the hobbyist, Photoshop Elements may be all you need, prices vary greatly, Costco offers it for the lowest price I have seen.

Have you tried It is almost a clone of Photoshop. One drawback is that is an online image editor but it does have curves ;)

You all have very valid points. Hands down Gimp isn't to the caliber where Photoshop sits. At the same time however, i think gimp is perfect for someone who can't put out 600-800 for Photoshop's average retail. For beginning photographers, I think Gimp coupled with Lightroom is hard to beat. Yes, Gimp isn't the standard as far as quality, but it's free of cost letting beginner photographers and editors get their feet wet. In my opinion it's perfect for beginner to intermediate at best. It misses the whole sphere of expert editors of course, but still a nice tool we can use for free. 


We can all just wait for Google to come out with their version of Photoshop, right?




hi there camarie,

                    for me gimp is below par, for free programes, pending on what you are looking for depends on the free program. 

cost  corel is good and priced fairly to p/s elements, 

when you look at the free s/w on line 

picasa 3.6 by google 

photomania f/b


Hi there Camarie,

Sorry if you have closed off this subject, seeing it was from last year.  I haven't been on Picture Social for a long time and so I was looking through many of the posts and saw your post and so I thought to just offer an alternative software which is not free, but way better than Gimp and on a par with Photoshop in many, many ways.

The software is Serif Photo Plus X5.  This handy piece of software costs a fraction of what you would pay for Photoshop and has all the tools necessary.  It even has a very good built in HDR editor and also RAW editing capability.  It is really worth checking out if you haven't got a hold of any other software out there besides Gimp. 

Photoplus is better than Photoshop Elements too.  It's interface is slightly different from Photoshop, but not too far off that you are in unfamiliar territory.

So my advice is, that I think you won't be sorry purchasing Serif's Photoplus X5.  Go to google and type in the search box for Serif Photoplus X5 and it will link you up with their website.  They have other amazing sofware there too which includes webdesign, desktop publishing, draw and design and some other stuff there too.

Shortly after I started buying their very, very affordable software, they began to offer me discounts on other stuff which made it even better. 

Give it try and let me know what you think....

Hey Rory,

Thank you so much for the reply! I've never heard of Photoplus but I think it's definitely worth a shot! As a photographer I myself tend to use only lightroom (for the most part) but am still thinking of checking out different editing software to do simple things that lightroom can't. Overall, I can't imagine myself ever doing anything extravagant with photo editing software besides lightroom, but i do want to improve my capabilities! 


I would highly recommend Zoner Photo Studio 14 PRO. They also have a free version to get you started and it does about 70% of what the Pro version will do. It is great for organizing your photos and editing the EXIF data but it is a very powerful editor and best of all, it is super simple to learn. 

It is for PC only so that may be a problem if you use a Mac. You can always run it in the Mac Windows environment.

In the pro version there are curves, levels, selections, gradients, batch everything, panorama maker, printing templates, etc. It even creates 3D images!! 

I use Photoshop a lot but about half as much as I used to because I started really using the features within Zoner Photo Studio Pro. They have a free 30day trial if you decide to ry the pro version. I believe the Pro version is only $70 or so. Not bad at all>

Troy Alexander

I forgot to mention it handles RAW images perfectly and I use my photoshop plugins from with Zoner Photo Studio. I use Topaz Labs and Nik plugins. They are both GREAT!!! I get stuck for hours playing with the settings in those. 

In other posts it was pointed out, you can sign up for a course at community college and qualify for Adobe's educational discount.  That drops Photoshop's cost to a couple of hundred dollars plus the cost of the course.  If you take a Photoshop course, you get the benefit of learning how to use it, too.


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