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hello:i successfuly created some folders in "my pictures" on my computer and transfered some pics by the copy and paste method from elements 10 into the folders.......the problem is when i go to e-mail a photo the folders under "pictures" are not there.its totally different than "my pictures " on" my computer".thanks  john

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A screen capture or two may help us understand what you are seeing.  Also, in Elements, try File, then Save As, to save the photos instead of drag and drop.  Make sure the photo is in 8 bit mode and is saved as a JPG file type.

how do i do a screen capture

If the operating system is Windows, press the Print Screen button at the right end of the function keys, then open Elements and under File, choose New, then Image from Clipboard.  Save as a JPG file and you can use the second icon in the reply window here to past the file here.

Since you're not being 100% clear, try using "Elements 10" to reveal the exact placement on the disk for the files you want. Then go get them using your Finder, Explorer, Dolphin or whatever other file management system your operating system uses.

You should be using Save As from within your editor (Elements in this case), not a copy/ paste.

 ihave beenUsing Save As right along to save my pictures....i dont know what happened but the computer reverted back to the right configuration for my pictures in "pictures" i now have access to all the folders with my pictures in them not merely a list of file names as before.thanks

I think you are saying that your thumbnail pictures disappeared and now you have them back.  That would be a setting in your Elements program.  You may be able to save your workspace and it it gets mess up you can just restore it.  Look under the File menu to see if that is an option.  I don't use that program.  Glad its back to what you want.

If you are using Windows, I think you might be referring to the view in Windows Explorer.  This image is from Windows Vista.  Microsoft keeps playing with their interfaces so Windows XP and Windows 7 look a little different.  The concept remains the same.

Icons and Tiles display thumbnails, List and Details display lists.


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