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For everyone who uses PIKNIK to edit their photos they are closing on April 19th. I HOPE they will come out with something just as good or better that we can buy in stores. I never got to use them but would have like too.  Good luck editing.

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Hmm, seems kind of random for them to be closing. I never used them myself, I've always been with Photoshop

It says they are moving to google+.  So you will be able to continue to use these features as long as you are willing to sell your soul to google.

In the mean time, there are plenty of similar options available at various cost from free to $$$$$. You can start with

I have never used it but know many people that do and was just putting the word out. I was going to try them but not now.I have use CS for about 6 years and love my photoshop just was goin see what all the fuss was about. :)

I am a HUGE fan of PICNIK--it was the most user friendly program out there.  I tried Portrait Professional and it took about 22 clicks and slides to get the same effect with 3 clicks on PICNIK for the same results.  Something is just so strange for them to close up shop.  So sad.  I am bummed and I will certainly NOT have the same looking images after April 19th unless they do come out with something better.

I believe Google has bought the rights to some of there stuff and you should be able to use it there. I wanted to try them but now I don't want to try something and like it and it be gone. You have great pictures.

picmonkey has all of the same features as Picnik minus the ability to save your picture directly to facebook or flickr or other social sites. It has the exact same tools.

I also enjoy picnik because you can use it from any computer.

AH! Now I know one of your secrets, Tracy! :-) Your photographs are always so pleasing and beautiful ... compositionally they are impeccable. I'm sorry that you're losing Picnik. Interestingly, I have recently started using Portrait Professional and I actually LOVE it! :-) I guess I don't look at the number of clicks, but rather the time that it takes to edit a photo. It's true that it sometimes takes awhile to load once you "outline" the features of the face, but I love the results. It seems WAY easier than Photoshop and way LESS time ... I can do a portrait in a couple minutes as opposed to Photoshop which takes way longer and is so much more complicated with layers and masks, etc. Lightroom is good, but Portrait Professional does WAY better stuff with the eyes. Although I just bought the 400 page book on how to use Lightroom so ask me after I've had a chance to read it!  I'll have to post a before and after when I get home from Portrait Professional.


I just posted some photos and I'd love your thoughts. They are in the folder, "People and Events". Thanks, Tracy!

There's plenty of affordable / free programs out there that are pretty good. If you're serious about photography you should totally try learning the technical aspects of photo editing. There's a program called GIMP that mimics photoshop and is free. Of course, there are *ways* to get photoshop for free too. ;) lol.

 My sister in-law used only PICNIK and I was going to try it because everyone said it was easy. I have been using Photoshop sence 2006 and I am still learning it. It is by no means an easy program to learn but I love it. I was just wanting to let everyone whom used Picnik know that it was closing. I have tried PicMonkey and like the way the pictures look but it really takes quality away from your photos :(. I guess I will have to stick with Photoshop and continue to learn it. :)



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