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I like it but the vehicle kills me. Personally I'd like to see the vehicle in motion on the road.

I hope you don't mind me editing your photo... but your start photo seemed dull in colors... here's what I did to it.

Thx a lt it seems more pleasing, :)

nice work

Does look better below where it is brighter over all. However I like the shot. I enjoy the compostion.


I like the shot and the composition. The area itself gives a feeling of serenity.

The colors appear a bit dull, probably due to overcast day, it has been edited by Kelley and now look more pleasing.

However in edited picture, sky now looks too bright and tends to loos the charm of original picture.

May be we increase the color/contrast according to Kelley's advice and applying mask , retrieve some of the originality of sky and just add a bit of contrast to sky to emphasize the feeling of overcast cloudy day

Colors are dull and the sky looks rae because post process, I will like to see the original picture without process, nice compo, agree that the car kills

Well a slightly different version, A bit saturated like Kelley's but sky retains its contrast. The dark clouds can explain the slightly darkened scene

I did not attempt to clone the car, as I had not the time and patience to do this messy job

Aamir, you should try Photoshop CS6.  It has the new feature of "content aware"... do some YouTube searches on it... you just circle and poof!  Like magic, its gone... you can almost say goodbye to the clone tool forever... I never did like the clone tool.... too messy.  =)

Kelley, I have PS 6 and this was edited in PS 6. It is just that I hurriedly did it,before leaving for my office. I had absolutely no time to spare. Even this was done very roughly.

It is not a good edit, but I just wanted to give a hint to Sreenath to think on these lines.

With regards

What if you replaced the car with a group of bikini clad models with a group of photographers photographing them? It would get my attention ... :-)

This is more realistic and looks like taking during daylight....what your opinion.....



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