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I like how this blends in with the background.  Its amazing the tricks nature comes up with to protect life.  Great job.  Wished there had been a catchlight in the bird's eye.  Other than that, much better than anything I've done yet.  Keep up the great work.

Please give me a compelling reason t look at this photograph.  It's sharp and well exposed but I don't have a reason to come back to it and look at it over and over, which is the reason we make photographs; to communicate ideas.

Truthfully speaking there is nothing special about this photo, for me it's just a photo of a bird. Try taking photos that have never been seen, from different perspective or anything that will truly make a photo unique.  

Agree with both Nathan and Anatoliy,

it's a very common type of bird shot from a very ordinary POV which looks quite drab against the back ground.

Have a look at some of these shots below for comparison!/photo/47539/c...!/photo/47885/c...!/photo/47868/c...!/photo/47795/c...


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